This is an article about a popular cafe named “umie” in Takamatsu, Kagawa. It is located by the Inland Sea of Seto (Setonaikai), and you can drink tea looking at the beautiful scenery.

Coffee Break at One of the Best Cafe In Fashion: Umie In Takamatsu, Kagawa Pref.

“Umie” is one of the most storied cafes in guidebooks on Kagawa Prefecture. This lovely cafe is located in the area called Kitahama Alley, adjacent to Takamatsu port. As the name suggests, its windows offer spectacular ocean views.

Kitahama Alley is complex of repurposed warehouse facilities and now this alley contains cafes, upscale variety shops, etc; Umie is one of those hidden gems. At first glance, you would never imagine the alley has such an unique and retro-modern cafe in it.

Again, it has been renovated but it WAS warehouse as you can see...As you find yourself climbing the narrow stairs and walking through the hallway to the’ll probably start wondering "Is this for real?"

Unique shaped antique couches and tables in a spacious room with a high ceiling definitely catch your eyes.

As for decoration, there are some antique TVs, typewriters, foot-pedal sewing machines, etc. to make you feel nostalgic.

You also see their great collection of books. From children’s books to novels... their cookbook collection is especially fulfilling!

As I mentioned above, the tables and chairs are charmingly, intentionally mismatched, so you can find your favorite cozy place in the cafe.

The coffee I chose this day was smooth with only a slight hint of sourness. Like the furniture, the cups and saucers were all different and unique...lovely in every way!

Sunset scenery of Seto-Naikai at the windows certainly makes you take deep breath of admiration.

Did I mention the wide variety of food and desserts they offer?

Umie adds another beautiful memory to your stay in Takamatsu, Kagawa Pref.

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