This is an article about a trip, traveling alone to Izumo in Shimane prefecture. I went to the Izumo Taisha, which is the most important shrine in Shintoism, designated as a national treasure in Japan.

Izumo Vacation - Day Trip to The Place Japanese Myth Born to see Izumo Taisha (Izumo Shrine)

Oh I SO wanted to visit Izumo…

”Finally the time has come!”

Izumo is the region where a lot of Japanese myth was born: Kojiki is the one of the oldest historical-myth-storybooks. It’s about how Japan became as Japan as well as the birth of Shintoism.

It’s a 3 hour bus ride from Hiroshima...there was no traffic jam at all!

Izumo Taisha (Izumo Shrine)

It was during Golden Week (often a week-long succession of consecutive holidays) so I was a bit worried there would be traffic...oh well, that was pointless!

Look! Izumo Taisha is one of the most famous shrines in Japan, even the Japanese Royal Family including Emperor cannot get inside of the building. In the myth, Japanese Gods come together at the shrine in November of every year.

Beautiful green...isn't it!?

They play music and dance to dedicate to the Gods.

Pray to God, and get a paper fortune.

What happens if I get a bad one...very scared...


I may have good fortune in my marriage…
Wait, but I am not taken yet...

Izumo Soba Noodles for lunch!

There were instructions on how to correctly eat Wariko Soba...helpful, isn't it?

The Soba was very chewy and delicious!

Soba-yu (soup mixed with warm water that’s meant to be consumed after the noodles) was good too!

Inasa-no-Hama Beach

Next stop, Inasa-No-Hama Beach!

I wish I took a bus to the one else was walking and it got really hot… I strongly recommend not walking especially in the summer!

I found the grave of Izumo-No-Okuni who created the first Kabuki on my way.

(I am sorry for not having a picture...I was extremely tired from walking for so long)

This is Inasa-No-Hama beach!

I photoshopped…

You can google pictures! There must be good ones!!

Inasa-No-Hama was chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in Japan!

I guess this is the perfect path for dog walks in the morning...don't you think?


Now it is time to move on to Hino-Misaki...hop on!

After getting off the bus, let's walk toward the lighthouse which is the tallest in Japan!

Getting there....

Beautiful like an oil painting!

I'm here now!

Climbing to the top!

Be careful girls! Your underwear may be shown accidentally from the bottom...

View from the lighthouse

There are many cliffs along the shore...

I pretended I was an actress playing a repentant killer.
(Japanese TV shows often use cliffs as the place where a murderer confesses his/her crime)

I played myself by saying "I'll jump off if you come any closer, officer!"

...Oh I guess I watch these shows too much…

It took me just a day to visit Izumo-Taisha, Inasa-No-Hama beach, and Hino-Misaki Light House...very satisfying!

If you are interested in Japanese myth, this is the place you would love to visit!

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