“Akihabara” is the town very unique to Japan. It is the town all kind of latest technologies and Otaku culture will meet. This is the article of model course how to enjoy fully in Akihabara, Part 1.

The Perfect Itinerary to Enjoy Fully in Akihabara for Anime・Manga・Games lovers! Part 1

The Perfect Course to Enjoy Fully in Akihabara “A Sacred Place for Otaku ~ for Anime・Manga・Games・Gears lovers ” Part 1

I recommend to see Otaku culture here if you really like to experience something unique to Japan!

In Japan, manga/anime culture developed in around 1960’s, the boom came ups and downs but now became one of the popular entertainment for Japanese, not as like only for geeks but for everyone. Some of those manga such as “Naruto” “Pokemon” “Dragon Ball” became a great hit in overseas and because of the popularity some people might imagine the first thing of Japan is manga, anime and games culture.

The history of Akihabara ~ the development of electric town to Otaku town~

Akihabara town was developed after WWⅡas a black market. After then, because of Japan’s rapid economic growth, Akihabara developed as an electric town where you can buy many kinds of electric parts, so the place was loved by the people who like mechanic stuffs (Mekaotaku).

Today, I’d like to introduce the hot spot Akihabara where you can experience something unique to Japan. Here is the model course.

1) ”Yodobashi Akihabara” the place you can find all kind of latest appliances

This huge building is Yodobashi Akihabara. The whole building is electronics shopping floors. Yodobashi is the largest electronic company in Japan and they have everything you need.

One of the most popular Japanese souvenirs is camera. You can find the latest accessories for Nikon or Canon like lens, and of course a great line up for the latest models. Maybe you might come across with something you cannot buy overseas here too.

2) One of the old and popular robot anime GUNDAM‘s cafe

Have you heard anything about GUNDAM? I guess this animation wasn’t that popular abroad but it was a great hit in Japan and everyone know it. At the beginning, the animation were created only for kids but since this GANDUM appeared, the story was showing the deep human’s life and death and the community of their lives, so it was not quite same as the previous cartoony works it made many adults attracted to the stories. So, GANDAM was sensational and monumental animation for this point of view.

Here is GANDUM theme café. The entrance is the shape of the robot’s head!

Of course if you are fan of GANDAM, you should definitely go inside but taking a picture in front of the gate is quite cool as well!

You can go inside to take a look a souvenir shop.

3) “animate” the place you can find every kind of anime goods

The next is “animate” the place every Otaku knows. It’s a chain store where you can find it all over Japan. There are shops in Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Shinjuku but the best line up is in Akihabara. Here is the place you can get almost every kind of popular manga and anime goods.

Of course, there are selling those popular anime and games stuffs everyday all year, so if you have something in your mind, please try there!

4) The sanctuary of super discount store ”Don Quijote” in Akihabara

Don Quijote is the well known discount store where you can buy cute stuffs and useful things really cheap. The shop in Akihabara is not that big but I recommend visiting at least once while you’re staying in Japan. If you don’t have time to go in Shinjuku or Shibuya then here is the place!

5) Let’s play with cats at ”cat café nyanny in Akihabara”

In Japan, cats café where you can enjoy playing with cats, are getting very popular these days. Actually cats café was originated in Taiwan but has introduced in Japan in 2004 then became quite popular now. Even as a dating spot it’s very popular among couples.

Here at cat cafe nyanny, you can stay there for one hour ¥1000 and play as much as you like with cats…. But cats are whimsical… hope you’ll get a chance to do so!

But here I’ll give you a little tip… you can buy a cat food for an optional. Then you are definitely surrounded by the cats in no time! I think this way is much more fun so I’ll recommend getting cat food lol

I hope you enjoyed Part 1.

Coming up next I’m going to show a hidden places something unusual and of course some more hot spots there!
The Perfect Course to Enjoy Fully in Akihabara “A Sacred Place for Otaku ~ for Anime・Manga・Games・Gears lovers ” Part 2

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