Akihabara is the place to enjoy unique to Japan technologies and Otaku/Geeks culture. This is the article of model course to enjoy fully in Akihabara Part 2. Here we are introducing not only about Anime and Manga but also the history of game culture.

The Perfect Itinerary to Enjoy Fully in Akihabara for Anime・Manga・Games lovers! Part 2

Coming up here is the Part 2 of “The Perfect Course to Enjoy Fully in Akihabara “A Sacred Place for Otaku ~ for Anime・Manga・Games・Gears lovers ” Part 1" Now, let’s get started!!

6) ”Liberty” The long-established store of character figures shop

The next is character figures shop “Liberty” the place you can get almost all kind of anime figures. A popular store among the figure collectors.

The characters are made really alike as original; it’s definitely the artisan work of Japan.

7) Let’s experience “maid café “@ Home Café (@ほ〜む かふぇ) the main entertainment in Akihabara

Let’s go to the maid café!

Someone might have heard it as a weird side of Japanese culture. For some reason, Otaku loves those made fashion young girls (19 centuries European style) so that’s why those girls often appears in Manga or Anime. So this is the entertaining “maid café” you’ll be treated as a master served by the girls dressed like a maid.


To be honest with you… some foreigners didn’t enjoy their experience here like this “everything is so expensive” “I don’t understand what they are talking so didn’t enjoy at all” “No photographs allowed” … It’s a really unfortunate experiences.

But here in @ Home Café there are some staffs who can speak different languages and they are accepting many foreign tourists so I’m sure you’ll enjoy experiencing maid café here. It’s actually quite fun for girls to visit as well!

Taking picture with stuffs are optional but it’s possible.


To be honest with you, the quality of its food is not that great but they way they serve is interesting and fun, so might be a good idea to take a photo of it.


The admission fee is ¥600 and the drinks are about ¥500~¥800. So, I think if you have ¥1500~2000 in total you can enjoy spending time here! @ Home Café is really reasonable compare to the others.

It’s actually not that cheap and even for Japanese people the place is very unique so it’s quite a challenging spot to visit.

8) The hot spot in Akihabara “Super Potato” Mario and Pokemon… you’ll meet again with old game characters

“Super Poteto” is the place you feel really nostalgic as you’ll find a lot of old computer games and actually you can play with it. Those who are in 30s~40s I’m sure you’ll get excited!

On the fifth floor, you’ll find many game machines which were made decades ago and the ambiance is like an old shopping arcade! The first edition of Super Mario, Street Fighter, Invader Game etc… I presume for the young generation they never heard of these kinds of things!

You can play one game for ¥100 but it’s pretty much fun just watching someone is playing!

From the second floor to fourth floor, they sell some goods and game software. On the fourth floor, don’t forget to take a photo with Super Mario!

More information is on this article!

9) Let’s try the latest arcade game at CLUB SEGA

Now it’s time to enjoy the latest game!
Next destination is “CLUB SEGA”.

This is Prikura the photograph machine which you take photos in the booth and decorate yourself. This is actually a kind of game machine as well. Here you can rent a costume and take photos.

Photo credit: leighklotz via Visual hunt / CC BY

This is the dram game you’ll play a dram following the rhythm, it’s quite popular among foreigners.

10) Get some character T-Shirts at COSPA

Then next is COSPA in Akihabara. This is the shop they sell characters T-shirts and cosplay dresses.

I found the T-shirts of Dragon Balls!

Of course ONE PIECE!

There are cosplay dresses from “Attack On Titan(進撃の巨人)” too.

11) Experience Oculus Rift at G-Tune Garage

This place was opened in 2015 it’s a really new attraction. Maybe it’s a good idea to experience the latest technology here! G-Tune is the company which is making applications for games and PC and they are developing new contents for Oculus Rift.

Oculus Rift is a computer system that you can experience 360°3d virtual space with wearing goggles. When you move your head, the view will change and move followed by your movements. This technology has high expectation and under the spot light for the moment for the game industry and computer industry as it might changes the market standards.

Here you can experience Oculus Rift for free by using the latest software!The 360°virtual view you can experience inside Oculus Rift was incredible!

Here you can try interesting latest cart game as well.

12) The highlight of the day is “Nikuno Mansei(肉の万世) Let’s try a delicious Japanese beef here!

The highlight of the day is the dinner at steak restaurant “Nikuno Mansei”.

This is actually a butcher’s shop and its building. All 10 floors are restaurant and you can have wonderful Japanese beef here!

The best restaurant is on the second floor it’s a steak house. It’s about ¥4000 for the dinner course including rice and bread.

How was it?

I hope you like the attractive Akihabara where you can experience something old and new, and also the place you might not find in your tour guide books. I hope you got a clue to fully enjoy unique Akihabara!

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