Sake, the popular Japanese rice wine is quite expensive compare to other alcohols even for Japanese. But here we would like to introduce a Izakaya call “Kainomi” where you can enjoy well-known good quality Sake brands such as “Dassai” and ”Hakkaisan” drink as much as you want in a fixed price.

Dassai, Hakkaisan and more! Expensive Japanese sake, all you can drink! To “Kainomi”

In Japan, there is a popular “Nomihodai” system where if you pay a certain amount of money, you get to drink all you want within the time limit.

But those Nomihodai systems are limited to the normal middle-class sake, and the variations are also limited. You can only drink high-class Japanese sake in an expensive sake place, paying at least 800 to 1000 yen per one “go” (an old Japanese unit that is equal to about 180cc).

But since you’re in Japan, don’t you want to drink sake from famous Japanese sake brands?

If so, today we will introduce this bar that has a Nomihodai system for high class sake, with great quality and quantity.

Bar specializing in shellfish and local brew sake, “Kainomi”

“Kainomi” is an izakaya bar where you can get to by walking five minutes from Yotsuya station, close to Shinjuku.

Passing through the Japanese-like curtain, the bar is located upstairs on the second floor.

It gets crowded very early with people in search of their tasty sake.

###The “Kainomi” Nomihodai system
Here at Kainomi, the Nomihodai system is self-service. You take as much as you want to drink from this big refrigerator filled with Japanese sake bottles.

The Nomihodai is 2000 yen for 120 minutes, 2500 yen for 150 minuites, and only 3500 yen with no time limit! If you’re not afraid of having a hangover the next day, you should challenge the last one. The Nomihodai course with no time limit is only on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, so be aware of that.

In this Nomihodai sake, there are many famous sake brands included. The world-famous Dassai is included too! How luxurious!

This is a famous brand named Hakkaisan. Sharply bitter and heavy.

Namagenshu (sake that hasn’t been filtered or heated at the end of the production process) is hard to preserve, so it is best if you drink them in Japan.

Not just Japanese sake! Beer and liquer too!

For people who don’t want to drink Japanese sake the whole time, there are other types of alcohol included in the Nomihodai. There’s even a automatic beer server too.

When you place the beer glass, the machine will automatically serve you beer with just the right amount of froth, by just pushing a button.

The shellfish dished go well with Japanese sake!

The not just the drinks, but the meal here is delicious too. Especially shellfish dishes. Their specialty is the 2000 yen assorted shellfish grill.

How satisfying is it to eat grilled oysters and clams? The smell of the sea is a great match with the Japanese sake.

There are sashimi assortments but they’re a little comparatively expensive. 3000 yen.

Oysters grilled with a sea urchin topped on. Dreamy taste...

Shrimp fries. They go well with rich taste sake.

Sardine grills. Mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) is filled in their stomach.

Shirako (soft roe)! People love drinking sake when eating this.

The menu changes by season, but they offer delicious shellfish and seafood dishes using fresh ingredients.

The best part of it is that you can try expensive sake without having to worry about the cost. If you find a particular sake tasty, you could take a picture of it and buy one of your own at a liquor shop as a souvenir.

Expensive sake Nomihodai is a very hot topic currently among us Japanese as well. Be sure to challenge this while in Japan!

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