Surprisingly, there are several mountain trails in Tokyo which you are able to enjoy even just for a day trip. This article is the report of the climbing experience at Mt. Kentokusan Okuchichibu in Tokyo.

Climb Mt. Kentokusan: the Thrilling Mountain in Okuchichibu

When you think of Tokyo, you might think that it’s just a big city. However, Tokyo actually has lots of popular climbing areas, which is one to two hours away from the center of the city. The famous Mt. Takaozan is one of them.

Today, we climbed the Mt. Kentokusan. This mountain is as tall as 2031m, and it is selected as one of the Japan’s top 200 mountains. When you get closer to the summit, you will see more and more rocky areas, which let you to have even more thrilling experiences like rock climbing!

How to get to the trailhead of Mt. Kentokusan

Mt. Kentokusan is located in Okuchichibu in Yamanashi prefecture. The closest station is Enzan Station, and it only takes an hour and a half from Shinjuku Station, Tokyo (Only if you use the express train: JR Chuo Line “Kaiji”).

There is a bus stop at the South exit in Enzan Station, and you can catch a bus to the trailhead of Mt. Kentokusan directly from there.

The only thing is that there are only a few buses available at a day because it’s a country side! (lol)

Be careful especially on the way back. There are not so many buses coming through. If you miss it, you would have to take a taxi to go back to the station.

Be prepared before you start climing Mt. Kentokusan!

There is a restroom where you get off the bus, so make sure to go there before you climbing. This is VERY important. You also want to check if you have enough beverages at this point. If not, there is a vending machine too.

We had to walk a little bit more from the bus stop to the trailhead. We walked ithrough a residential area.

Once the road changes to a gravel road, that is the sign you are about 15 minutes away from the trailhead.

We got to the trailhead. Finally start climbing!

Here we go, this is the real start.

Mt. Kentokusan is such a fun mountain to climb. The scenery changes as we climb. It if full of differences.

This field has a great view. It was so nice that it made us want to take a little break.

Here we immediately charged our batteries with some food. We had a rice ball with salmon in it. The great scenery made our meal even more amazing.

If you’re lucky, you can meet deers!

Thrilling rocky surfaces near the summit!

The last hurdle is climbing these rocks to get to the summit! There were other times we used chains to climb: what a fun and wild mountain.

The view from the summit was amazing! It was like the top of a cliff made of rocks.

The wind was nice, and you can enjoy the thrill of being so up high.

If you go through a different route, Mt. Kentokusan shows you a forest type of road where you see lots of trees. It really has many characters.

Let’s go to the onsen to refresh

There are many onsen (Japanese hot springs) places near the bas of the mountain, where you can go without spending a night. It might be nice to wash up here and go home. Our recommendation is Hanakage-no-yu located between the foot base of Mt. Kentokusan and Enzan Station.

Their onsen facility is nice and wide. You can also enjoy tendon (tempra on the rice) and the famous “hoto” (Yamanashi specialty: a kind of Japanese udon noodles) at the restaurant attached to the facility. Please rest your tired body here and feel refreshed before you go!

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