Convenience stores are the handiest place to get some alcohol drinks in Japan. This article is showing the selections of what you can get in convenience stores. For example, One Cup Sake, Umeshu (plum wine) and cocktail drinks and more.

Easy way to try a cup of Sake at Convenience Store in Japan

Do you know “One Cup”? It’s a cup of Sake (Japanese rice wine) which you can buy at convenient stores. ~ Easy way to try Sake~

Today’s article is for the people who are wondering “Sake must be sold only in a large bottle, aren’t they?” “Sake must be expensive…” But not to worry, you don’t need to go to a restaurant or bar to try Sake. Let’s see how easy to do so!

Convenience stores in Japan are full alcohols!

Japanese people love alcohols. When you go into convenience stores, you’ll be surprised with a full range of alcohol drinks on the shelves.

A must tip for the people who wants to try Sake a bit !In general, Sake is sold in a glass bottle and the cheapest one could cost about ¥1000.

The way we serve sake in Japan is that we usually use a little cup call “Ochoko” or “Tokkuri” and take a sip.

If you are traveling, of course you won’t have a chance to buy Ochoko or Tokkuri just to drink Sake. Also, Sake is quite strong that contains 15 to 25 % of alcohol, if you buy a large bottle and finished them in one night, you’ll definitely become hangover and ruin your following sightseeing lol

One Cup (200cc) is the clever way to try Sake!

I really recommend “One Cup “for those who wants to try Sake! As you see from the name of the product, it’s a cup of Sake (200cc). Just open the lid then you can drink straight from the cup.

In most of the convenience stores, you’ll find a shelf of One Cup Sake’s corner and there are some flavors to choose for.

The one with a good reputation is “Kikusui (菊水)”.

It’s a type of Sake called “Gensyu(原酒)” which means unprocessed sake. Because they didn’t add any water, the flavor is mellow and has a good body! It’s quite famous for its tastes like high quality expensive sake.

There are more mini size Sake

This is a quite new packaging for Sake which comes in the aluminum bottle.

The one I really like to recommend are the original brand call “Iki(粋)” series from the FamilyMart convenient stores. A bottle is about ¥300 to ¥350.

This original brand from FamilyMart was born with the corroboration of four major Japanese sake brands. The taste is absolutely great that you cannot imagine from the price how beautiful aroma they have. The picture from the left “The Pure Full body Sake” “Super Dry Sake” “Aromatic Ginjo Sake”

You can get them at this singnboard convenience stores.

A bunch of selections of “Chu-hai (cocktail)” at convenience stores!

If sake or strong drinks are not your thing, then “Chu-hai” is the ideal for you.

“Chu-hai” is a cocktail drink with less alcohol. You’ll find them at the same shelves of the beers.

Cho-hai is made from “Shocyu(焼酎)” and sweet soda drinks. It tastes like soft drinks so I recommend for a woman and also someone cannot drink much. There are many flavors but the popular one are lemon, grapefruits and citrus.

At convenience stores, you’ll find a seasonal limited flavors or new products a lot, so might be a good idea to try some of them. A can of Chu-hai is about ¥200, it’s reasonable.

There is a typical traditional alcohol drink call “Umeshu(ウメッシュ)” made from Ume plum liqueur with soda water! It’s women’s favorite and smells refreshing and sweet.

How was it?

Japan is not restricted to drink outdoors so you can buy alcohol drinks at convenience stores and bring them into a park. Enjoy a picnic drink under a dark sky feeling a fresh breeze, isn’t it sound luxury? (Please behave yourself not to make any trouble and make sure to keep clean when you leave the park!)

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