To learn how to keep your Japanese kitchen knife in a good condition is important thing for cooks and chefs. Although, sharpen the knife can be a hassle and difficult… but not to worry. Check it out this article, introducing the easy and handy way to sharpen your knife.

How To Sharpen a Knife? Taking Good Care Of Your Hocho Knife!

Are you planning on getting a Hocho Knife when you visit Japan? Or do you already have one? Maintenance is the key to keep your favorite knife sharp!

Do I Have To Sharpen My Knife?

Sharpening knives is very important and a must-have skill for chefs. It is fairly difficult to do properly, though... You’ll need a sharpening stone, sharpen it at a proper degree etc... I understand if you’re nervous or aren’t sure about the proper methods.

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Of course sharpening your knife properly is the best way to care for your knife, but it takes time to develop the right skills to do so. I will give you some good tips and secrets to keep your knife sharp and ensure it has a long life!

Keep It In The Right Place After Use

A knife’s biggest enemy is RUST! Don't you dare leave it on the cutting board after use!! When you are done with it, wash it with dishwashing soap and a sponge, then gently wipe with a dry towel.

To prevent water from staying on the helve, keep the blade down to dry completely. This is especially important when your knife's helve is made of wood or plastic.

Go Easy With A Knife Sharpener!

A knife sharpener could be your knife's best friend! It is an easy and quick way to keep your knife sharp! Some people say, "It makes your knife dull and chipped!" Huh...let me tell you that is not true. Even boutique knife stores have started carrying knife sharpeners lately, showing that a knife sharpener is a great tool to have for your knife...don't you agree?

The one called Roll-Type is a popular sharpener and usually sell for under 1,000 yen. All you need to do is just put your knife in it and slide it 10-20 times. How easy it is! Here are my recommendations:

【A Hand Is All You Need!】Q Sharpener AP-0160

KAI is one of the most famous cutlery brands in Japan; and they happen to produce knife sharpeners too. This product has a suction cup in the bottom so the sharpener can keep its stability in anywhere on the kitchen counter!

The sharpening stone is made of up of diamonds, and you can choose from buffering and finishing.

KYOCERA Ceramic Roll Sharpener RS-20BK(N)

KYOCERA is famous for its ceramic knives, but they also have a knife sharpener collection...and yes, it is made of ceramic! Slide your knife just 10 times and the sharpness of your blade is almost like new!

KYOCERA is constantly releasing new sharpeners, so get the latest one to avoid disappointment!

Brieto Water Sharpener 3

Professionals love the sharpener called Brieto Water Sharpener 3 from KATAOKA & CO.,LTD.

Wonder what makes it different from the rest and why the pros love it?

First, this product can sharpen a knife in three steps just like with real sharpening stones. Buffer, sharpen, and finishing. Second, you wet the sharpener just like with the real stones as well.

Well, this sharpener is more expensive than most knife sharpeners (2,000-3,000 yen), but this can make your knife sharp and look SO pro! You can feel not only the knife is sharp but it loves its job more than ever!

All those sharpeners are a great thing to buy for your knife.

But Hey...What If A Sharpener Is Not Enough?

A knife sharpener is great for daily care, but what do you do if its sharpness is not coming back even if you sharpen your knife so many times? The specialty knife store will definitely help you! It costs a bit, but they will sharpen your knife with their professional skills!

You may want to bring your knife from home and ask them to sharpen it. Most specialty knife stores in Kappabashi accept knives to sharpen. Make sure you put your knife in your checked luggage!

Sharpening knives is not a difficult thing to do anymore as long as you have great tools, right?

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