This is an article about a cafe named “Jyurin” in the Togakushi Kodo Area near the Togakushi Shrine in Nagano.

Drip Coffee at an old cafe “Jyurin” in Togakushi, Nagano

Togakushi is a famous place in Nagano-shi, Nagano Prefecture, for their Togakushi Shrine surrounded by Japanese cedar trees and Togakushi Soba.

You can use your car or bus, but you will get pretty exhausted from walking around all day. So, we will introduce you a cafe to stop by during sight-seeing in Togakushi.

A three minute walk from the Togakushi Shrine “Nakasha”! A famous hidden cafe “Jyurin”

There are five shrines inside Togakushi Shrine, and the Nakasha is the second most popular shrine, after the Okusha.

When you go down the Nakasha steps, turn left, and walk along the small street for about three minutes, you will find Jyurin. This cafe was formerly a storehouse and was remodeled, so it doesn’t look like a cafe from the outside.

You can feel the old-fashioned atmosphere just from the entrance.

The inside is made of wood and looks like a pension. The owner told me that she got help from the carpenters that she knew from the neighborhood, and remodeled the storehouse by hand.

Heart-warming homemade coffee

They start making coffee after they take orders. After about ten minutes, my cup of coffee was served.

A coffee set with their specialty, figs and walnut tart, for 700 yen.
This tart was very thick and delicious!

And of course, their coffee was very tasty too, having made with fresh Nagano water.

They also make a limited amount of cold-brew coffee during the summer time. I have to try that sometime too...

I personally recommend the latte that I ordered after the coffee.

Nagano has many pastures, so the milk here is also very good. I didn’t put any sugar in, but it was easy to drink with the natural sweetness of the milk.

You can’t really tell from just the pictures, but the atmosphere of this cafe is just amazing. The owner was very kind too. It feels like you came to your old friend’s house for coffee.

It was a highly recommended place to stop by after a long walk at the Togakushi Shrine. Be sure to check it out!

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