This is the article of the summery of Umeshu(Plum Wine): the popular Japanese liqueur. We will introduce the irresistible liqueur Umeshu how to drink and enjoy. Once you find out a good health effects of Umeshu, I am sure you will feel like to try immediately!

Can an Alcoholic Beverage Be Good For You? Umeshu Can!

Have you heard of Umeshu; made from plums, sugar, and shochu (which is Japanese distilled alcoholic beverage)? It has rich, sweet, and a bit sour taste with a lower alcohol percentage. It can be your favorite drink even if you are not a drinker.

Can you believe that Umeshu is good for your health? Now let me tell you why it is good!

Umeshu Helps You with Fatigue!

Umeshu contains 15 times more citric acid than lemons! Citric acid is known as helping to refresh your body from sleepiness by resolving lactic acid.

Helps To Regenerate Your Skin And Burn Your Body Fat!

Because citiric acid helps your metabolism to run more efficiently as well, Umeshu keeps your skin shiny and keeps your body from unwanted fat. However, it contains sugar, so consume a moderate amount.

Umeshu Helps Keep Your Blood Healthy!

If you like salty and/or greasy food, your blood might be sticky... Material called Mumefural in Umeshu helps improve your blood flow; preventing arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, etc.

Having A Hard Time In The Bathroom?

Picric acid in Umeshu helps your digestion and may solve your problem in the bathroom!

Therapeutic Effect Relaxes You

You will be relaxed just by smelling the refreshing scent of Umeshu. Delicious taste, good for health and beauty, and it relaxes you? Why not try?!

Let's Enjoy Umeshu!

You can drink it without adding anything, but most people commonly add something to it.

1) Umeshu On The Rocks

This is most popular way to enjoy Umeshu. Add ice cubes at the glass’s halfway point and pour Umeshu to fill about 1/3 of the glass. You can enjoy a concentration of Umeshu first, then finely diluted Umeshu at the end.

2) Umeshu With Sparkling Water

This is another popular way to enjoy Umeshu. Fill 1/3-1/2 of the glass with Umeshu and ice, then add sparkling water along with lemon juice as neccesary. It may be hard for you to stop drinking...yes, it is THAT good!

If you like it sweeter, you can try with ginger ale or any other soda.

3) Umeshu With Hot Water

Umeshu with hot water and grated ginger helps warm the is good especially in winter! You can try with tea or green tea as well.

4) Umeshu With Wine

Does a mixture of Umeshu and wine sound weird to you? It is like some kind of cocktail! It can go with either red or white wine. Sweet and sour Umeshu flavor can go with anything!

These are only a few examples of how you can enjoy Umeshu. Find your favorite mix and enjoy!

Please see Umeshu Experience In Japan! What's Hot And Where To Go?, if you are interested in getting one during your stay in Japan.

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