This is the article about the famous lavender field “Furano Farm” in Hokkaido Furano. We are going to show the best beautiful season of lavender and its history.

Flower garden everywhere! A trip to Farm Tomita in Furano.

Hokkaido is one of the most popular places for sightseeing in Japan. There’s Sapporo, Hakodate, Otaru, etc. but the best place to enjoy its amazing nature is probably Furano.

Furano is often used in movies and dramas because of its beautiful nature. Recently, Jang Keunsuk, a popular Korean actor, played his part in a drama series called “Love Rain” here in Furano.

The most famous scenery here is this flower garden filled with lavender!

Today, I went to the most famous place in Furano, Farm Tomita! Their lavender garden has a long history since 1958, and is known for their lavender oil and soap production.

How to get to Farm Tomita

It is a 7 minute walk from the Lavender Batake station on the JR Furano line.

You can get there within 3 hours or so from Sapporo station, so you could extend your trip a little bit during your stay in Sapporo.

There are many parking lots, so you can also go there by car.

The history of their lavender garden in Farm Tomita

You will find this Lavender Farm Tomita sign as soon as you arrive.

You come to a garden named Tradition Lavender Garden.

They have been growing these lavender flowers ever since this farm was made.

There was a wooden sign in front of the garden.

“When the lavender production for cosmetics essence wasn’t going well in 1975, I made a decision to destroy the garden and tried to run over them with a tractor but I just couldn’t, I loved the lavenders too much. One more year, even if it’s difficult...That year, a miracle happened, and the lavenders were recognized as something you enjoy with your eyes.”

The trade liberalization in the 70’s made an impact on the laveneder purchase price, and many of the farmers stopped making lavender gardens, but Farm Tomita didn’t.

Lavender-123 / lex-photographic

After that, the lavender gardens itself started being recognized as places for film making and sightseeing, and operations were improved. Farm Tomita started making pot-pourri and perfume, and at the Lavender Aroma Fair that took place in France in 1990, they won first prize.

Their lavender garden and products were made, with strong passion to never give up and love for their flowers.

Let’s take a walk inside Farm Tomita!

First, we will start with the Potpourri House beside the parking lot.

I was able to see the lavender soap manufacturing process.

You can see the Autumn Field from the balcony on the second floor.

When you step out of the Potpourri House, there is the Distillery Workshop, Proche House, and the lavender processed goods area.

This is the one and only lavender distillery factory in Japan to extract essential oil from the lavender.

Carpet of various flowers are amazing

A walk through the Autumn Field I saw from the balcony. The cleome in the front was in bloom and their bright red colors were beautiful.

When you walk through the Autumn Field, you will get to the Spring Field. It’s just like the scenery you would see in movies.

When you look behind, you will finally see the lavender garden named Sakiwai Field.

There is a place called Sakiwai House where you can take a break.

The lavenders in Farm Tomita have two types: ones that are in bloom from the end of June until mid-July, and ones in bloom from the beginning of July until the beginning of August. This day was at the end of June, so the latter lavender garden were still flower buds.

Next, the Hanabito Field. Many flowers including lavender are grown here.

They are already beautiful now, but in mid-July, you will be able to see even more beautiful carpets of flowers.

Rich varieties of souvenirs in Farm Tomita

There is a souvenir shop called the Hanabito House next to the Hanabito Field.

Fresh lavender flowers and dried flowers were sold there. Great smell...

The Forest Field is in bloom in July

Next, to the Forest Field! If they are in bloom, this field is famous for their flowers that bloom in seven colors, but on this day they were still flower buds.

But there were a little bit of lavenders in bloom, and it was still nice to just walk through the field, feeling the breeze.

Don’t forget to eat and buy!

There are many places that sell Lavender ice cream in Farm Tomita. It’s delicate smell of lavenders is a great match to the sweet ice cream, you should definitely try it!

Lastly, let’s do a final check on souvenirs at the Poppy House.

Lavender soap, skin lotion, shampoo, conditioner, oil...they have everything. You would want to get them all!

You should stop by at Tomita Melon House before you go home!

It’s separate from Farm Tomita, but there is a place named Tomita Melon House when you get out of the farm.

They sell bread and dessert using melon.

It has nothing to do with melon...but I was so hungry I bought a croquette. Hokkaido potatoes are so sweet and delicious.

Make sure you go to Farm Tomita with great history and the most number of lavender gardens in Japan!

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