JR Tower in Sapporo Station has so much variet JR Tower is a commercial complex building attached to the station that has so much variety of clothes, accessories, cosmetic items, and more!

Shopping In Sapporo? Let’s Go To JR Tower Sapporo Station!

What do you think of when you think of Hokkaido? The first thing that comes to mind is probably its blessings from mother nature or fresh seafood...isn’t it?

Sapporo City in Hokkaido is one of the 5 largest cities in Japan. You may be surprised how much snow piles on the city in the winter, but the city is fully developed and as busy as Japan’s other metropolises!

We will introduce the shopping area where you can find some KAWAII stuff in Sapporo.

If you are looking for souvenirs, the Tanuki Koji area is famous in this city, but fashion-conscious people go to the station to get something new and edgy. The station is known as Satsueki to the local girls, and Sapporo station and its surrouding area is the biggest shopping area in the city.

JR Tower is a commercial complex that has Sapporo Stellar Place, APEA, Esta, and Paseo which are popular shopping malls, along with a department store called Daimaru which is located just next to the tower.

All these shopping areas are connected via underground arcade, so you can alight from your train and start shopping without ever leaving the station.

Let’s Explore!

JR Tower is divided into left, right, and center areas. The ticket gate is surrounded by those three areas. If you have a specific place to go in this shopping complex, remembering its structure will help prevent you from getting lost.

Paseo, The Closest From The Gate

The first shopping mall you’ll see from the gate will be Paseo.

Paseo East and Center has shops mainly for ladies, but Paseo West has restaurants and cafes. You’ll find most of the Japanese chain restaurants here.

Get Good Quality Fashion Items In Daimaru

After walking through the West Concourse, you will see a unique white square object.

This is called Myoumu by a Japanese artist Kan Yasuda who is from Hokkaido. It is loved by locals as a meeting spot.

You will see the entrance to Daimaru Department Store from this art object.

Their assortment is targeted toward a demographic of mature and classy adults.

Of course they not only have clothes, but shoes, purses, and cosmetics...anything you want is here!

They also have luxury Japanese fancy goods. It can make for a great souvenir!

The Biggest Mall In JR Tower: Stellar Place East Side

On the other side of Daimaru, you will see a red object called Legs in the east concourse.

Legs by Kazushi Asami is another landmark in the area. Stellar Place is just in front of this object. It has a 9 story building on the east side and 6 stories in the center area. It’s the biggest shopping mall in JR Tower.

Stellar Place has many shops for men too! On the East side, you will find general stores such as MUJI, optical and watch shops, etc.

You can go to the observation room on the 6th floor. From there, you will see the famous panoramic view of the Sapporo main street!

Esta Is For Amusement And Entertainment

The other malls are focused on fashion, but Esta is focused on amusement and entertainment. Esta is connected to 1st and 7th floors of Stellar Place.

On the 10th floor, there is a Ramen themed park called Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku. 8 popular Ramen restaurants are on this floor! You can find your favourite Ramen here.


On the underground floor, you can find ready-to-eat food (often called Osozai), sweets, fresh seafood, souvenirs, and more!

The famous appliance store BIC CAMERA is located on 2nd-5th floor.

Stellar Place Center Area

You will see a beautiful clock with stars and a dome made of glass outside the entrance of Stellar Place Center area. These two have come to be known as Sapporo landmarks.

Stellar Place Center has a movie theater and a restaurant arcade.

Getting lost in this large complex? You probably want to go back to the gate.

There’s an information booth available and as you’ve already seen above, there are some landmarks found within the complex that help you locate where you are.

You can enjoy shopping all day long here in JR Tower! Find your favourite Japanese KAWAII items here in JR Tower Sapporo! This is one of the must-see destinations while you stay in Sapporo City!!

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