Have you ever thought anyone would offer all-you-can-drink for 500 yen per hour in Japan? The izakaya named Kinnokura does! Authentic Japanese Sake, beers, whisky, or Umeshu (plum wine)...find your favourite drinks here at Kinnokura!

Nomihodai(All you can drink) for ¥500 at KINNO-KURA in Shibuya, Shinjuku!

In Japan, the Nomihodai (all-you-can-drink) systems are really popular with the set menu and drinks for some hours limit.

Most of Izakaya (Japanese bar) have those plans which comes with 5 to 8 dishes and some range of drinks including beer, cocktails and spirits. It’s about ¥3000 ~ ¥6000 and it’s really popular.

Today I’m going to introduce you incredibly cheap Nomihodai at “KINNO-KURA” where you can have “all you can drink for ¥500 with one hour time limit”.

KINNO-KURA is the famous cheap Izakaya chain store

KINNO-KURA is the famous Izakaya chain store which you can find in Shinjyuku, Shibuya and pretty much everywhere in Tokyo. Follow this yellow symbolic signboard.

They are putting the advertisement even inside the store “60 minutes Nomihodai with only a single coin!”

Use the tablet to order your foods and drinks

There are tablets on each tables and it’s also available in English and Chinese. You’ll use this to order everything so no need to wait for a waitress to come … it’s absolutely stress free system.

The foods are all listed with its pictures, so it’s easy to guess how it looks like even the food is your first experience.

Let’s get started “Nomihodai”!

If you like Nomihodai then actually you have to tell the stuff first and for how long, not by the tablet. Just tell them simple as “Nomihodai” “2 hours” something like that, really easy!! LOL

Once “Nomihodai” has started, the drink menu appears on the tablet.

Let’s begin with beer. If you go to a normal Izakaya, actually a glass of beer cost about ¥500. Incredibly reasonable here!

If you like to make a most of it to drink, I think the ideal timing to order the next drink is just about to finish your drink! (Let’s say about 80% done) but…. Please make sure not to order too much only keep the amount which you can afford that’s the manner.

Beer, Sake(Rice wine),Umeshu (Plum wine), Whiskey anything on the list is Nomihodai

The selections of drink menu are quite good at Nomihodai. You can have Sake too.

Umeshu is a plum wine. It’s sweet but a bit sour and it’s delicious.

This is whiskey with soda water. Of course you can have whiskey with only ice or any other way you like.

There are more house wine (red or white), cocktails, Shochu (Japanese spirit)… I actually like to try everything.

The foods are delicious! Yakitori, Sushi, Gyoza such a great variety.

There are many kind of food to choose from.

The popular menu at izakaya is Yakitori it’s ¥100 each, reasonable!

Grilled sashimi salmon! The outside is nice and smoky but the inside is mouth melting….it’s wonderful.


Chinese snacks.

Pickled celeries.

Each dishes are about ¥300 to ¥500. There are a lot more like Gyoza, Sushi, Karaage, Tamogoyaki and a lot more. Each dishes are really cheap so we can order several kind and share with everyone.

Watch out your order 30 minute before the time limit!

30 minutes before the time limit is the usual last order time for the Nomihodai system. Let’s order and enjoy the last 30 minutes.

I went there with my friends only two of us and the bill was ¥2200 per person… incredibly cheap….

When you have to drink within a tight budget but want to enjoy the most of it, then Nomihodai is ideal! Of course, why not “KINNO-KURA”!

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