Shiroi Koibito are very well known sweets in Hokkaido. There is a theme park called Shiroi Kobito Park where you can find the method of how to bake these beautiful golden cookies, its history, and so on! Let’s see how the park looks...

Hokkaido’s Famous Confectionary Shiroi-Koibito And Its Plant

Hokkaido’s Famous Confectionary Shiroi-Koibito And Its Plant

It seems as if Hokkaido is more popular with tourists from overseas now than ever before!

It is famous for dairy husbandry, so many confectionary companies locate their plants in Hokkaido for that reason. Shiroi-Koibito by Ishiya Confectionary is one of them, and is clearly the industry leader!

Shiroi-Koibito produces thin langue-de-chat (french biscuit) sandwiches made of white chocolate. This kindly sweet and light texture treat has been loved by Japanese people since 1976.

Photo credit: kawanet via / CC BY

I bet everyone in Japan knows what Shiroi-Koibito is, but it became more famous and popular as a souvenir to people in Asia since it was introduced on a Chinese TV show.

What Is Shiroi-Koibito Park?

There is a Shiroi-Koibito Park in Sapporo! You can see how Ishiya Confectionary makes Shiroi-Koibito, candies, and learn about the world of chocolate and sugar crafts in this park. If you love chocolate, I bet you’ll love it! This Shiroi-Koibito Park marks its 20 year anniversary in 2015.

How To Get There?

From Sapporo Station, it takse about 30 minutes total. Take the Tozai Line from Sapporo Station to Miyanosawa Station, and walk for 5 minutes from the station.

Look how fancy the building is! Maybe the clock tower is better than Sapporo’s…?

Ticket Counter can be found at the clock tower. 600 yen for an adult.

You will be amazed by this beautiful fountain at the entrance. The fountain is made by a British ceramic manufacturing company named Royal Doulton. You can take some breathtaking photos!

Learn About Our Favorite Sweets...Chocolate!

You will see the many collections they have. This picture below is a dish set for hot chocolate and the set was used in the UK in the 1800s.

These pictures show people who adored chocolate so much.

Q and A about is not only in Japanese but in multiple languages.

Plant Tour Is A Must!

This is the biggest event in the park! You can learn how to make this delicious beauty...

This is the plant of Shiroi-Koibito! Ishiya Confectionary handles 200 million pieces of deliciousness here.

That’s a lot of langue de chat lined up nicely and waiting to be baked.

You will see langue de chat get cooled down before they can be packed individually.

Sugar Craft Studio

Sugar craft started in the UK during the 19th century. You will see their artistic sugar crafts and a patissier making some in their studio.

Can you believe this is all made by sugar? So detailed and beautiful!

You can buy these artistic sugar crafts.

You can also try baking and icing cookies etc. It takes about an hour or so for the course. If you are interested, why not make a reservation?

Take A Break With Chocolate At The Lounge

It’s not fair just to see the chocolate without eating it, right? Let’s take a break at the lounge. Hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, or parfait… Mmm, Shiroi-Koibito goes well with anything!

Get your seat by the window and enjoy the dessert in their beautiful garden!

Feel Nostalgic At The Toy Section

Well...this is not related to chocolate or the confectionary that Ishiya makes, but the park has a collection of old tin toys.

Astro Boy, Kamen Rider (Japanese science fiction comic) characters… Not so many tin toys are available now, so this collection may make you nostalgic...

Boats and planes! They bring back memories...don’t they?

Ishiya Confectionary sponsors Consadole Sapporo (Japanese Professional soccer team) so the uniform has the Shiroi-Koibito logo on it. You will see players’ autographs and their uniforms as well.

In the booth called Candy Lab, you will enjoy seeing a patissier makes candies. They also have an old record player so you can hear some music. all of the exhibits are so enjoyable!

Thier Courtyard Is Rosy!

This is something you cannot miss in the park… Picture time in the courtyard!

This beautiful garden is called the Rose Garden. You’ll see fancy statues and wonderful roses.

Soap bubbles make the place even more fancy!

You can stand in this pretty heart surrounded by pretty flowers. Don’t be shy! This is a good place to take a picture with your loved ones! It can be found adjacent to the clock tower.

I was thinking it would take an hour or two, but oh it is spacious and so much fun! It probably takes half a day! Sure, it’s fun to enjoy good chocolate, but also this is a good place to learn about chocolate and Shiroi-Koibito as well. If you are in Sapporo, Hokkaido, this is definitely a good place to visit!

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