UNIQLO is Japanese girls’ favourite clothing brand. In this article, you will find their classy-yet-sophicticated clothes and some methods to coordinate with them. Their innerwear is very functional and famous, but UNIQLO has so much more to inspire your style!

UNIQLO Makes A Big Wave In Japan's Fashion Scene In This Summer!

UNIQLO is a Japanese fast fashion brand which offers you basic, yet fashionable clothes. Even among ladies who are interested in fashion very much, UNIQLO is seen as a fashionable and hot brand nowadays.

Let's see what's hot in UNIQLO in this summer!

WOMENS Premium Linen Shirt (3/4 Sleeves)

The fabric is 100% linen, which makes the shirt very soft and light as air! This is not supposed to be ironed and made of solid fabric, so the shirt could be a good choice for someone who doesn't have time to iron their clothes.

This slim, yet comfortable shirt makes you look sophisticated... Can't believe this is only 2,000 yen!

You can choose from various colors, too.

White is basic but can go with anything. Wearing a cardigan over it can be good from autumn to early spring!

WOMENS Polo Shirt Series

Polo shirts are a popular item in UNIQLO.

This shirt is made from a quick dry and highly breathable material, just like sports wear, so your skin feels good the whole time you wear it.

This polo shirt series has both bold colors and patterns like stripes and flower or dot designs etc.

Well, it can be a bit casual but still suitable in the office if you put a jacket over it.

There is a shape called dolman hem which is also available in polo shirt. This has a wider hem than the other polos.

MENS Dry Collar Crew Neck T-Shirt

This is another fashion wave among Japanese girls. They wear mens items such as T-shirts-bigger-than-themselves, but they make it a bit girly.

Again, choose a loose fit mens T-shirt and make it look like a 1/2 sleeve shirt. Also pick your bottom with a loose fit.

aya kanedaさん(@wenju0528)が投稿した写真 - 2015 10月 3 6:28午後 PDT

How to make it girly? Roll your bottom up a little bit, or wear some accessories.

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You won't believe this...the T-shirt is 390 yen! Or you will find it for 1,000 yen for 3 T-shirts in a set!

You can choose from either crew neck or V-neck. Find your tom-boy-yet-girly shirts from the wide variety in its collection!

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Alright, now it’s time to talk about the bottoms you can find at UNIQLO.

WOMENS Trousers

You can wear these dressy trousers at the office. You’ll find your legs, especially around your thighs, are relaxed in these trousers. Waists are made with an elastic waistband that makes you feel comfortable as well.

The fabric is anti-wrinkle material, so this is perfect for active women.

Leggings Trousers

Let me now introduce comfy and fashionable leggings trousers. The trousers are like leggings but they look just like a pair of decent trousers.

Once you feel how comfortable they are, you may not want to put on regular jeans anymore!

In summer, let's try cropped length ones that make your ankles prettier than ever!

This can go with an one-piece dress, a tunic, or just a T-shirt...yes, these trousers can go with anything! They make you project a balanced appearance.

Many colors and designs are available, but the best selling is this gingham pattern!

Now you don't just need to browse around! Enjoy your summer with UNIQLO's comfortable and classy look!

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