Have you heard of a Mankitsu (Manga cafe)? It basically offers a service of all you can read, drink, and watch movies/TV shows in the cafe. Mankitsu is heaven for OTAKU (nerdy) people. Lay back and enjoy!

Let’s find out about relaxing leisure space, Manga Cafe

There are many “Mangakissa (Manga café) “everywhere in major city in Japan.

It is the place like a library, where you can get access to a huge number of Manga, runs 24/7 and most of them charges fixed service price per hour.

The price per hour changes depends on which day and time you are going to, like weekdays or weekends and the time range of the day. Usually it’s about ¥300~¥400 per hour. A lot of places have set price menu to attract people something like, ¥1000 for 3 hours, after 10pm special offer 8 hours max for only ¥1500.

The overnight charges are really cheap. That’s why a lot of people who are called “Net Refugees (Manga café functions as an internet café as well, so the name came from internet.)” practically live in the city hopping Manga café each night instead of renting an apartment.

I am sure you will be surprised to hear such life really exist in modernized Japan. But if you understand how comfortable Mangakissa is, then you’ll agree with the people who are living in Mangakissa. Let’s see how great and comfy place Mangakissa is!

Thousands of Manga, fantastic array of versions!

The selection of Manga could be the latest popular one to the classic old customer’s favorite. It is a huge selection. Of course, free access to any kind of Manga when you are there!

Unfortunately, most of Manga are available only in Japanese, but maybe you can enjoy by just following the pictures. Why don’t you seek for some Manga which attracts you and if you like them, maybe there is a possibility to find in other languages.

The comic magazines and fashion magazines are available too.

When you find the Manga you like, then take them with you at your seat.

Choose your private booth to indulge in your favorite Manga!

Many Mangakissa offer private booths for one person or two.

This is a flat mattress booth for two people, enough space to relax. If you like to sleep you can borrow a blanket!

There are complimentary internet access but you need to sign up for a membership and have to show your ID card to use PC.

You can choose your chair from massage chair, reclining chair and sofa.

Complimentary drinks with free refill!

Another great thing about Mangakissa is included free refill soft drinks.

Drink as much as you want and take them to your seat.

Some places they offer soft ice machine! Of course it’s free refill and complementary!!

Usually, food is not included. But there are bending machines which you can buy hot food like Takoyaki and French Fries or there are some machines for breads and snacks too. Some Mangakissa offer delivery service from cooperated restaurants.

The other forms of entertainment services!

Reading Manga is not only the potions. They have DVDs and you can watch TV programs on PC.

Surprisingly, there are shower booths as well! You need to make a reservation and it is not free but don’t you think this is a sort of Hotel, isn’t it?

In some places you can play darts, ping pongs, billiards and other sports too. Nowadays, Mangakissa is developing as a compounded amusement place.

Mangakissa is a perfect place for those who

“Want to read a lot of Japanese Manga!”

“Want to take a little brake after sightseeing!”

“Want to save an accommodation fee!”

I’m sure Mangakissa will fulfill your demands for everyone with different needs. So, why don’t you experience Mangakissa!

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