Tokyo has two landmark towers; Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree. Are you looking to go, but aren’t sure which one you should visit in your limited time? You can use this article to compare and help you pick your destination!

Which is better Tokyo Tower or SKYTREE?

There are two free-standing broadcasting towers with observation plat forms in Tokyo. Tokyo Tower is the television and radio broadcast tower with two observatories. It is a symbolic tower and loved by the people.

Photo credit: wilhelmja via / CC BY-SA

On the other hand, TOKYO SKYETREE is the bran-new broadcasting tower completed in 2012.

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When you are visiting Tokyo for the first time, you might come across with the question, “Which one should I go? Tokyo Tower or Skytree? So today, we’re going to find out the difference and compare thoroughly!

Tokyo Tower Tokyo Skytree
The first observatory 150m 350m
Admission fee
(1st Observatory )
900 yen 1850 yen
The second
250m 450m
Admission fee
(2nd Observatory)
Add 700 yen
to the 1st observatory
Add 1030 yen
to the 1st observatory
1958 2012
9:00~23:00 8:00~22:00
(The last entry
The View The city view is
close and beautiful.

Hardly affected
by the weather.
The view spread
widely in the distance.

Can see Tokyo Tower.
Tokyo One Piece

Tokyo Solamachi

Access A bit complicated
but there are
other facilities nearby
Close to Asakusa,
good accessibility

About Tokyo Tower

Height: 333m

The world’s tallest self-supporting steel tower and it’s the second tallest building in Japan.

Photo credit: DaraKero_F via Visualhunt / CC BY


Tokyo tower was completed in 1958, 13 years after WW2. After the war, Japan was struggling with its poverty for a long time, but in 1950’s Japan started its high economic growth. Tokyo Tower was born in that time as the symbol of rehabilitation and it gave a lot of encouragement to Japanese people.

You can see on the movie “Always: Sunset on Third Street” how Japanese was like in those days.


There are two observatories in Tokyo Tower; one is main observatory 150m high and the other is special observatory 250m. You can get a full view of Tokyo and if the weather is good there is a chance to see Mt.Fuji!

The height is only a half of the size of Skytree but you can see things closer and some people think Tokyo Tower has better view.

Light Up:

Most of the time, the colour of light ups are warm colour like incandescent light bulb but occasionally it changes into white, blue or some other colures.

Photo credit: aotaro via / CC BY

Other facilities:

Under the Tokyo Tower there is a place call Foot Town. A little bit shabby but there are souvenir shops, café and Aquarium too.

There is a new amusement park call “Tokyo One Piece Tower (東京ワンピースタワー)” from famous Manga One Piece, lunched recently. The visitors in Tokyo Tower are increasing because of its attraction.


How to get to Tokyo Tower: Take Oedo subway line to “Akabanebashi station”. It’s only 5 minutes walk from there and it’s in Shibakoen Park.

There are other sightseeing spots around Tokyo Tower like Hama-rikyu Gardens and Roppongi town. The observatory room in Roppongi hills is quite popular too! Also there is a Tofu Kaiseki Restaurant (traditional Japanese restaurant) call “Tofuya Ukai(豆腐屋うかい)” in Shibakouen Park but because of the popularity it’s hard to get a reservation these days.



TOKYO SKYTREE is registered as highest tower in the world on Guinness World Record. It has 634m. (The highest man made structure is 828m Burj Khalifa in Dubai and SKYTREE is the second.)

Photo credit: john.gillespie via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA


It’s a very new Tower completed in 2012. As the buildings get taller and taller in Tokyo, we needed to do something to provide radio wave better to the further end. Therefore the main broadcast companies cooperate together and they started a project to build a new radio and TV broadcasting tower.


The view is spectacular, you can see really far end. Lady GaGa extolled “It’s raining outside but I’ve never seen this beautiful scenery before.” when she visited.

Photo credit: hajono via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

Unfortunately because of the height, when the weather is bad you’ll hardly see things down because of the clouds. It’s quite popular to take a photo of its shadow.

Photo credit: hajono via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

The night view is wonderful that you can see shining Tokyo Tower.

Photo credit: IQRemix via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Light Up:

To light up of Skytree use a lot of LED lights and it was constructed by Panasonic, the official partner of Skytree. The theme colour is blue and purple and they switch the colour every other day.

Photo credit: x76882 via Visualhunt / CC BY

Other facilities:

There is an amusement park and shopping center call “Solamachi” under the tower. Solamachi is quite popular and always crowded. There are some famous restaurants, food court, supermarkets, grocery stores and souvenir shops too. It is like a big department store flocks of people everywhere.


How to get to Skytree? Wonderful accessibility as it is only a minute walk from two train stations, “Tokyo Skytree station” from Tobutetsudo Tobu Skytree line and “Oshiage station” the junction station from many lines.

Skytre is close from many major sightseeing spots in Tokyo. Something like Ueno, Asakusa, Kappabashi the Shitamachi districts! You can see Skytree from everywhere; it’s a new lovable symbol of Tokyo.

The wrap up for decision, Tokyo Tower or SKYTREE?

The conclusion is if you like to feel high technology of architecture building and like shopping SKYTREE is ideal. On the other hand, if you like to feel a bit of history and nostalgic good old Tokyo, definitely Tokyo Tower is a good.

If you are visiting Tokyo once in your life time then I’d like to recommend TOKYO SKYTREE. The good accessibility is important and I actually like the shape of the Tokyo Tower so I enjoyed taking photos of Tokyo Tower from SKYTREE.

Of course for the fans of One Piece, don’t miss out Tokyo One Piece Tower. For those who want to see a typical symbolic tower in Tokyo, then you’ll definitely enjoy Tokyo Tower!

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