Yoichi-cho is in Hokkaido, the northernmost major island in Japan. It has a large fruit farm mostly for tourists called Yamamoto Fruit Farm. Let us introduce this spacious farm which offers a pick your own fruit experience. June is the season for juicy and sweet strawberries and cherries!

Fruit Picking at the Yamamoto Fruit Farm! Eat Ripened Strawberries and Cherries!

The long winter of the coldest prefecture in Japan, Hokkaido, comes to an end in late June. We finally see the signs of spring. We went fruit picking at the Yamamoto Fruit Farm in Yoichi, which is close to Sapporo, the center of Hokkaido.

You can enjoy seasonal fruits at Yamamoto Fruit Farm

The Yamamoto Fruit Farm is a popular fruit picking place. They take advantage of their wide farm land and grow various kinds of fruits, so you can enjoy seasonal fruits from spring to the end of fall.

The admission fee is 1100 yen if you want just all you can eat. If you want to bring the fruit you pick home, it is 1850 yen. There are rules about how much of fruit you can take home depending on the type.

We found a sign in English. It seems like there are many customers from all over the world.

It’s a Strawberry Picking Season from the middle of June to the early July

Yamamoto Fruit Farm doesn’t have a greenhouse, so their strawberry picking season is so short that it only lasts 2 to 3 weeks. This time we were lucky enough to have their strawberries at the best time of the year.

Their sun-kissed strawberries were surprisingly sweet and so delicious!

The strawberries’ flowers were blooming, and they were cute.

Their strawberry picking is so popular that there are some days where no ripe strawberries are left by afternoon. So if you’re looking for strawberries, it’s probably better to go early.

We moved to the cherry farm: let’s pick cherries!

Cherry picking season lasts longer than straweberry picking season. You can eat cherries from the middle of June to the early August. This is possible because they grow several kinds of cherries.

Actually, this was our first time doing cherry picking. We were surprised to see that more cherries were on the trees than we imagined!

Cherries are smaller than strawberries, so we ate quite a lot of them.

You can borrow a container before you start, so we collected riped strawberries and cherries and ate them on our relaxing walk. The strawberries were unexpectedly filling, so be careful with your eating pace!

Conclude your trip with souvenirs

It was such a nice day: the sun was out all day and there was a cool breeze.

We recommend stopping by at a rest house called “SEASON” at the end of your trip. You can buy the farm’s original prodcuts such as juice, jam made of their fruits, wine, and so on.

How to get to Yamamoto Fruit Farm

It only takes an hour and a half from Sapporo Station to Yamamoto Fruit Farm.
It is an hour or so from Sapporo Station to the nearest station, Yoichi Station if you take JR Hakodate Main Line. From Yoichi Station to the farm is 5 km away by taxi.

You can get 10% off on your admission fee if you take a taxi to the farm from Yoichi Station, so make sure to keep your receipt!

How was it? You can do fruit picking anywhere in the world, but we want to say Japan’s fruits taste amazingly delicious. They’ve done many experiments to improve its quality, so Japanese fruits are super sweet and delicious. Please make a trip to the farm to enjoy the fruits grown from the rich soil of Hokkaido!

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