Book store B&B is in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. B&B stands for book and beer, not bed and breakfast! You can enjoy quality time with books and beer at the same time in B&B. Here are the details...

Enjoy Beer At Unique Bookstore B&B In Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Shimokitazawa is beginning to gain traction with tourists from overseas. The area is famous as a key site of youth subculture in Japan. You’ll find uniqueness in this small, but fun area.
I will introduce you to a bookstore called B&B. B&B normally stands for Bed & Breakfast, but this time it stands for Book & Beer here!

Let’s Find B&B

Bookstore B&B is located a minute away on foot from Shimokitazawa Station South Exit.

Finding B&B is the fun part! This bookstore is not on a main street so finding it is a small adventure in itself. When you find the sign below, you know you’re about to enjoy B&B (book & beer)!

Walk upstairs and magazines welcome you! For ladies, mens, fashion, literature, gossips, or name it!

Open the door, and you will be surrounded by thousands of books!

Get Your Seat And Drink

Let’s find you a comfortable spot to spend some time!

Order is taken at the counter. 500 yen for beer is not bad, right?
Wines (both red and white), and non-alcoholic beverages are also available for the same price. Walking outside in super hot weather was very tiring, but good cold beer blew my fatigue away!

Whew...relaxing and hearing music and beer make me feel good already...but this is a bookstore, let’s go see what they have in stock.

Find A Fateful Encounter?

Book coordinator Shintaro Uchinuma represents the bookstore, the store concept is “Unlike online or large bookstores, it offers you a connection to the world you didn’t know.”

Bookstores mostly place books in alphabetical order by name or the author’s name, but B&B places books randomly...why? Because the store wants you to have an accidental and fateful encounter with their book(s).

They’re mostly in Japanese, but design, architecture, or any other photobooks are available too, so you will be interested even if you are not a Japanese speaker/reader.

There is a shelf for manga comics too! Their assortment is not only popular, famous, or new released ones, but uniquely themed mangas!
I love reading mangas but many of their mangas I’ve never read/seen. It’s very inspiring and I am impressed with their curation abilities.

Finding and reading books before you choose to purchase was a very interesting experience. I ended up reading 4-5 books with a glass of beer...Time went so fast!
Finding great books sometimes happens by accident.

If you like both books and beer, B&B is a great place to see Japan’s unique book reading culture!

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