This is the second half of UNIQLO Ginza flagship store report. It isn’t hard to find UNIQLO throughout the world, but what makes UNIQLO Ginza unique? Let’s see here.

Explore UNIQLO In Ginza (2/2)

This is the second half from Explore UNIQLO In Ginza (1/2).
In the first half, I introduced what’s hot and in season on the 1st, 11th, and 12th floors, so now let’s start exploring more from the 10th floor!

Find Mens Fashionable Gear on the 10th Floor!

This floor has so much selection for mens clothes.

In summer, UNIQLO offers COOL BIZ items. The Cool Biz campaign started in Japan in 2008 by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. Its concept is wearing lighter clothes means using less AC in the summer, which benefits the enviroment.

UNIQLO suggests no-tie, wearing short sleeves, etc in business scene for Cool Biz. You can be comfortable in such hot weather with UNIQLO's Cool Biz items!

Of course there are long sleeve shirts and cardigans available, as well. UNIQLO takes on the edge of trends in autumn!

Mens Innerwear on the 9th Floor! Don't Miss Out on UNIQLO's Famous Quick Dry T-Shirts!

You can find great quality mens innerwear and T-shirts on the 9th floor.

The AIRism series is one of the biggest hit items in UNIQLO in summer. The fabric has high breathability and a very soft texture. Of course they are quick dry and stretching material as well. Oh, and did I mention the fabric has anti-odor and anti-bacterial functions? AIRism is suitable for outdoor fun and sports, it makes your summer dry and is comfortable on your skin!

You can choose from various color selections! And with the level of comfort offered, they can be your best friend this summer.

The shirts fit your body line, which makes you look sharp!

UNIQLO sponsors Kei Nishikori, the professional Tennis player who wears UNIQLO gear in his matches. You can look super cool with a shirt like his!

Mens Bottoms & Casual on the 8th Floor!

You can find mens jeans, chinos, or other kinds of trousers available on this floor.

I already mentioned several times, but UNIQLO Ginza has the biggest assortment of merchandise. If you can't find your size in any other UNIQLO stores, you’ll probably find it here in Ginza. UNIQLO offers an in-store alteration service, so ask the associates.

Kids Go Crazy on 7th Floor!

These shorts below are perfect for active kids! 990 yen per pair doen't hurt your wallet much...right?

STAR WARS meets UNIQLO! This is celebration of the new STAR WARS movie coming out.

Ladies Innerwear on 6th Floor!

Just like mens section, there is an AIRism series available!

There are some innerwear for sensitive skin as well.

AIRism bra with camisole is the hottest item of the summer since its appearance.

Ladies Bottoms on 5th Floor

On the 5th floor, you see many kinds of ladies bottoms. The main item on the floor is jeans...UNIQLO's signature jeans are called Ultra Stretch jeans, which make your legs slim and beautiful, yet comfortable!

Various color and size selection you can choose from!

Find Sleek Look For Ladies on 4th Floor!

Need some clothes for your office look? Let's see the 4th floor.

These ankle length pants make your legs slim and long, but also they can help give you the handsome-but-still-girly look!

Ladies Casual on 3rd Floor!

Do you like casual style? You will find something that suits you here on 3rd floor!

You know, someone says being stylish requires
endurance...but you can find comfortable bottoms that still makes you look in fashion! These are perfect for active women!

Getting Ready For Autumn on 2nd Floor!

You can find items that the other stores are not selling yet here on the 2nd floor! You can prepare for autumn fashion in advance here at UNIQLO Ginza!

This denim shirt can make you look slim!

Ladies shirts make you look like a pro and fabulous!

So...what do you think about UNIQLO Ginza? It's fun for everybody to just walk through the store, right?

Well...I bought 2 RELACOs and AIRism innerwear during my visit this day... Because UNIQLO has lots and lots of unique and high quality items!

Enjoy your shopping!

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