Are you planning to have some Sushi while you are in Tokyo or Osaka? There are variety of types of Sushi in many price ranges. Find your favourite Sushi restaurant that meets your budget!

Eating Sushi In Japan? Here Is What To Know Before Embarking on a Sushi Adventure!

Believe it or not, many people overseas think we regularly eat Sushi, but Sushi is not the dominant part of our regular diet at home. Sushi is a special meal for special occasions! Here are some ideas for you to enjoy Sushi in Tokyo, Osaka, and other big cities.

Sushi looks like a very simple dish that is vinegared rice and fresh seafood on top, however, it means it has to be very fresh, cooked and prepared under strict hygiene controls. In addition, the chef’s technique is an another key to making brilliant Sushi!

With that information in mind, people say the price and quality of Sushi are the most proportional in all Japanese food.

Now, let us introduce different grades of Sushi restaurants and their average cost. This can be helpful to find your favorite Sushi restaurants that meet your budget!

Japanese Fast Food? Sushi-Go-Round

You may see Sushi restaurants in your home country that offer you Sushi on a conveyor-belt. Of course you see them here in Japan as well.

Sushi-go-round restaurants are for families in general, so the average price per plate is around 200 yen, and it may be 400-500 yen for some plates like sea urchin, salmon roe, or other luxury seafood. Some restaurants offer consistently priced Sushi for all kinds, and you may see signs that say, “100 yen for all!”

As mentioned above, price and quality are proportional. Don’t expect too much in the way of quality Sushi in these kinds of restaurants. Our recomendation in Sushi-go-round restaurants is to choose grilled plates, like grilled salmon and such.

Still, Sushi-go-round restaurants are fun for all your family members! 1,000-2,000 yen per person is not bad for a large group of people.

Sushi Restaurants With Middle Price Range

Middle priced Sushi restaurants are not very well known to tourists, especially from overseas.

They have better quality than Sushi-go-round restaurants and offer a fair price. 3,000-4,000 yen per person is enough to make your tummy and wallet happy!

Midori Zushi is a typical middle class chain Sushi restaurant. Its Shibuya branch is popular and waiting times can be an hour or two.

Sushi Zanmai and Tsukiji Sushisei offer you Sushi with about the same price range and quality as Midori Zushi. Many popular chain Sushi restaurants started their business in Tsukiji Fish Market area so their main restaurants are in the area. We believe you will have a great Sushi experience in these restaurants!

Luxury Sushi Experience

Looking for a Sushi restaurant for your very special occasion? How about having it in a luxury Sushi bar? You face the Sushi chefs at the counter, and enjoy conversations with them while they make Sushi for you. Yes, it is leave-it-to-the-chef style (with no or limited menu choices for the customer), but of course the chefs know what’s good sand in season! Price range is around 15,000-30,000 yen.

Have you seen the movie, “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi”? The movie is about a Sushi master Jiro Ono who owns the Sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro. It is a three Michelin star Sushi restaurant in Ginza. The restaurant is considered a luxury one. If you’re interested in, please see “How To Make a Reservation for the Almost Too Popular Sushi Place “Ginza Sukibayashi Jiro” Plus A Few Things to Remember".

They are eye-poppingly expensive but chefs are professionals among professionals! You will be surprised by the preparation behind every single plate. They put so much effort to make each ingredient perfect and amazing. Some chefs even check their fish with a microscope to ensure it meets their standards.

Many of these Sushi bars are in the Roppongi and Akasaka areas which are considered luxury areas in Tokyo. Even though these restaurants are sky high expensive, people go there for special occasions. Please make sure you have reservations before you go and do not cancel.

Sushi is now all around the world, but we would like you to enjoy Japanese Sushi when you visit Japan. A variety of fish for every budget plan are available here in Japan… so enjoy!

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