MUJI sells simple, yet sophisticated items. MUJI CAFE in Ginza is inspired by the store’s atmosphere. We enjoyed the cafe’s natural and healthy lunch so much!

Healthy Food At MUJI CAFE In Ginza!

Mujirushi Ryohin a.k.a MUJI's assortment is not only casual-but-sophisticated clothes and furniture but food and other sundry items. Muji began opening businesses overseas as well, so you may now see Muji stores somewhere in major international cities.

Photo credit: shinya via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

Muji also operates a restaurant called Cafe&Meal MUJI. The restaurant is located in GINZA, Shinjuku, Nagoya, and Kyoto...oh, and overseas like in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong!
I will show you what that cafe in Ginza looks like!

Located In Hibiya District, Where Hotels And Theaters Are Gathering

The area called Hibiya is about a 10 minute walk from Ginza Station, and on that walk you’ll see many hotels and theaters dotting the district. Cafe&Meal MUJI is on the 2nd floor of the Theater Crea building, which is just across the street from the Imperial Hotel.

Cafe&Meal MUJI Hibiya

Take one of these plates at the entrance.

This plate indicates whether the seat you have is occupied.

How To Order Your Beverage/Food

To order, go to the cashier and pay ahead.

The basic system is getting some deli food plus rice or bread on a plate.

①Select 3 Deli: 850 yen
1 hot deli + 2 cold deli + rice/bread

②Select 4 Deli: 1,000 yen
2 hot deli + 2 cold deli + rice/bread

Feel like eating healthier? Ask for 10 grain rice for 100 yen extra! Think Miso Soup is good with your plate? Get it for 150 yen extra! If you order one of these plate menus, you can get coffee or tea for 200 yen as well.

To-go is available here at Cafe&Meal MUJI. If weather allows, get some deli food to go and enjoy a picnic at Hibiya Park!

Feel Nature In MUJI's Deli Food

Cafe&Meal Muji commits you to enjoy the natural ingredients of food. The deli food doesn't contain any preservations and is only lightly seasoned. Cannot ask for more, right?
As hot deli food, you can choose from meat, fish, and tofu which all have a lot of protein. All of them look so good...

Choosing 2 cold delis from various kinds is another tough choice! They have many kinds of fusion cuisine available. On this day, I saw a Thai style vermicelli salad, ceviche (which is often eaten in Latin America), etc...

I chose ①Select 1 hot and 2 cold deli (plus 10 grain rice for 100 yen extra) meal.

3 deli foods and 1 bowl of rice may not be enough if you are an athletic person or just tend to have a larger appetite.

Well, anyway...enjoying 3 different foods on a plate is fun and you can feel the cafe makes food so wonderful and healthy!
There is a shelf to put your plate after you are done eating, so please take your plate there.

If you are looking for somewhere with a calm and quiet atmosphere in busy areas, this is the place! This cafe embodies the concept of Muji; Simple and basic in this quiet and pleasantly spartan cafe.

Well again, Cafe&Meal Muji is not only in Ginza but in Shinjuku, Nagoya, or Kyoto. See Cafe&Meal MUJI Location and find the closest location to your travel destinations!

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