At the bottom of Tokyo Tower, you will find a commercial complex: Foottown. This complex contains a ONE PIECE themed store based on one of the most successful manga comics. You’ll be amazed by their attention to detail in how they make the world of ONE PIECE come to life. There’s also another popular manga comic store called Mugiwara Store with a cafe called Mugiwara Cafe. This report makes you consider going there, indeed!

One Piece at Tokyo Tower!? Let’s go to Mugiwara store and café where they sell limited items.

Tokyo Tower is the famous sightseeing spot for a long time. Some might have planned to visit Tokyo Tower already!

Do you know there is a new attraction call “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER (東京ワンピースタワー)” launched this spring (March 2015) ?

Now, in the Foot Town (the amusement shopping facility under Tokyo Tower), there is a new One Piece theme park opened which has many attractions, restaurants and original goods stores. I’m sure it’s irresistible for One Piece fans!!

If you like to try attractions you need to buy a ticket to get in but if you are only coming to dine or shop it’s completely free.

So, today I’m going to show you the places you can enjoy for free, like Mugiwara store and its restaurants!

“Mugiwara Store” is in the Foot Town at 1st floor.

Let’s get limited items which you can only buy at Mugiwara Store

When you go into the store, you’re welcomed by the smiley captain Luffy. I felt I must take a photo with Luffy!

This rack is the selection of limited items which you can only buy at Tokyo Tower. These are the limited tin badges.

The popular souvenirs are sweets! It’s light and handy as a little gift to your family and friends!

Some are really funny stuffs!

This is one of the popular sweets and surprisingly it’s call ” devil fruit” , a package of 10 gum drops in it!

These have three kinds of fruits in it, Luffy’s Gomu Gomu fruit, Ace’s Mera Mera fruit and Low’s Ope Ope fruit and actually they reproduced the same taste as original (I meant refer from Manga) ! Moreover, it includes a really bad tasted gum drop in it, so it might be fun if we play a Russian roulette with friends.

These are the sun glasses which you can be one of Mugiwara Kaizokudan characters. It must be fun to pick your favorite character’s sun glasses and play the role of its character.

What do you think these are? It’s actually a mouse pad!
It’s a sexy mouse pad with their boobs from the popular woman’s characters, Hancock, Nami and Robin. I think it’s wonderful for fans but maybe a bit embarrassing for who have a girl friend or living with families to buy! LOL

I guess, it’s very unique to Japan in a weird way!

The must have items for the funs!

The handkerchief with prints of famous scene! I think it’s a good idea to put in the frame and hang on the wall. It’s ¥571 each. It’s reasonable price and good for a little present for your friends too.

Surprisingly they are selling the copy of original drawings. When you see them, you can feel the writer’s (Eichiro Oda) energy from its drawings and I was so fascinated.

There are other products like mascots and figures …etc.

There are tons of things to choose from! I felt I’d like to collect my favorite character!

The restaurant of full ambiance of One Piece world

There are restaurants next to Mugiwara store.
“Sanji no Oresama Restaurant” is a full meal buffet restaurant and “Café Mugiwara” is a café with some drinks and snacks.

At Sanji no Oresama Restaurant, Sanji is welcoming the guests! For his fans it absolutely feels great! You need to get a numbered ticket to have a meal and the numbers are limited. If you are planning to go on weekends, then I recommend you to plan well and get there early, because running out of the tickets means the last order for the day.

It’s a buffet style so you can have as much as you want! There are many unique dishes from the actually story too!

Relaxing time at Café Mugiwara!

Today, we were at “Café Mugiwara” to have some light meals!
It was close to the closing time, so was quiet and not crowded.

The interior is like a bar which you can see in One Piece. It’s cool ambiance.

Let’s begin with ice-cold beer with a Kaizoku (pirates) beer mug! Yes, this is it! I loved it!

This is a three-sword fencer Zoro’s citrus squash. Mix well with a sword before you drink. The taste is refreshing and sweet. They said it’s customer’s favorite.

The one I love the best was this!
Chopper’s snow mountain Mont Blanc aux marrons ! It’s a chestnut cake.
It reminds me the scene when Chopper set out on a journey… I cried…

The chestnuts were so sweet and it went really well with fresh cream.

This café also become quite crowded on weekends, so be careful and plan well!

How was it? I hope you enjoyed One Piece Tower! It’s definitely worth visiting!
Please check it out the attractions area on this article too!

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