This is the second half of the blog about ONE PIECE Tower which was opened at the bottom of Tokyo Tower in 2015. Enjoy the world of ONE PIECE, one of the most successful manga comic books in the world!

Adventure at Tokyo One Piece Tower (Part 2)

Now we introduce more of Tokyo One Piece Tower’s attractions! ( If you haven't seen former article, please read Part 1.)

“Franky’s Cola Bar”

We took a little break at the Franky’s Cola Bar after we got tired from walking around.

Of course there were beverages like Coca Cola, but we also found some light snacks on the menu.


The next attraction is about our beloved Chopper! We all love him, don’t we?

You can explore inside the Thousand.Sunny with Chopper. There is so much to see like Sanji’s kitchen, Nami’s bedroom, and Chopper’s medical office. Each room has a small trick, so we recommend you search for them as you walk♪


Zoro’s attraction is a game that uses a sword. Split the cannonball attack on the screen using your sword!


The cowardly Brook’s attraction is a haunted house! You explore the haunted house and fend off zombies with a ball of salt. It was scarier than we thought it would be, and we actually screamed for several times. (lol)

These were the attractions on the 4th floor!

Take lots of photos on the 5th floor!

The 5th floor is all about photo booths! There are so many!

It’s a good idea to sit on the Bartholomew Kuma’s big hand...

...and it’s nice to take pictures as you sit next to Law :)

There were so many other photo booths too, so make sure to check them out!


Now here we go, this is it: the main character of One Piece, Luffy’s attraction. This attraction lets you dive into the memories of all the One Piece adventures as you walk around.

The Alabasta Kingdom’s Mirror Labyrinth was made so well that we were seriously confused with which part was a mirror and which part was a road!

Ace’s fire road!

It is way too cool....

At the end of this attraction, there’s an impressive theater! Please enjoy Luffy’s thrilling fight as you’re blasted by sudden gusts of wind.


The last attraction we are introducing today is “ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION,” a live performance by the Mugiwara pirates. It’s a live show that uses projection mapping and LED light, and the perfect cast of Mugiwara pirates and their great acting immerse you in the amazing world of One Piece. Unfortunately, Japanese is the only language available, but the story is easy so it shouldn’t be a problem. More importantly, you can enjoy the light show and action scenes!

It might depend on the season, but basically the show is held only 5 times a day. Make sure to check the time beforehand and get a ticket. It seems like there are people who come back repeatedly just for this show, so be careful (you want to avoid something like “oops, I forgot to get my ticket”)!

Sometimes the cast comes inside the Tokyo One Piece Tower to say hi.

We were knocked out by Sanji’s smile! (lol)

After you enjoy the attractions, go to the “Mugiwara Store” on the 1st floor, where you can buy One Piece goods, and the food court including “Mugiwara Cafe” and “Sanji no Oresama Restaurant.” For more information, please read this article.

3 Tips to Enjoy Tokyo One Piece Tower

Lastly, here are the three tips to make the most of your trip to Tokyo One Piece Tower.

Tip 1: “Go during Japanese weekdays no matter what.”
This theme park is brand new, so it gets extremely crowded during weekends and holidays. From a family with kids to college students, it is crowded with Japanese One Piece fans.
However, if it’s daytime during weekdays, you can enjoy most of the attractions without waiting in line, so you can try your favorite ones many times.

Tip 2: “Ask the staff if you have any problems”
Unfortunately, this Tokyo One Piece Tower doesn’t deal with other languages other than Japanese. However, most of the attractions are very simple, so we think you can enjoy them without worrying about a language barrier. If you ever have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member near you. They seem to be able to speak some English (but only enough for basic conversations).

Tip 3: “Study the One Piece story before you go!”
Sure there is a language problem, but the most important thing you need to enjoy the attractions (really any of them) is knowledge about One Piece’s story. If you have time, we strongly recommend that you study your One Piece comics or anime before you visit Japan!

How was it? The attractions of the Tokyo One Piece Tower surely satisfy those who love One Piece! There are more amazing parts of this theme park, which we didn’t have enough space for this time, so the best thing to do is to visit the tower directly and go on an adventure with Luffy and everyone!

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