Daikanyama in Tokyo, where trend-conscious people love to spend their time, contains the Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore. This article is about this modern and sophisticated bookstore.

I went to the most avant-garde bookstore in Japan: "Daikanyama Tsutaya Books"!

Daikanyama is one of the most stylish places in Tokyo. Do you know the 'bookstore for adults' named "Daikanyama Tsutaya Books" located there?

The store was designed by an English architect, Mark Dytham, and Prince William from the British Royalty even came in 2015. After that, the Denmark Crown Prince Frederik and his wife also visited this bookstore. Two of Japan's state guests were here. You can say that it's one of the most representative places in Japan.

What is attractive about Daikanyama Tsutaya is that they have a creative selection of books and display

Nowadays, many people in Japan do buy books online. You’re able to find rare books easily, it’s cheaper and more convenient than actually going to a bookstore.

But then you won’t have a chance to encounter great books that way. Here in Daikanyama Tsutaya is a place where you can find what you were looking for, unexpectedly.

Inside the bookstore, the displays change by season. For instance, this time I went, there were displays that had to do with fossils everywhere. I was very surprised to see a model fossil exhibited inside a bookstore.

Around it, there are books about species around the world and geoscience.

There were traditional Japanese porcelain, Imari Yaki dishes displayed.

There was also a section of books about Japanese history with a theme: “What will this country become”.

Here is a “Ikoku Edo” (Forein Country, Edo) section. There were books and goods about the real Japan in the Edo Area, which foreign people found.

This is an area about Kyoto. Fancy Japanese goods, and books about traditional dashijiru (soup stock) and the culture of long-established shops.

The themes are from a very interesting point of view, and how they combine books and goods with them is even more impressive.

Grab a book and take a break

There is a care inside the Daikanyama Tsutaka Books, and you can take the books from the bookstore inside with you. Here is Starbucks. It gets very crowded on weekends so it’s very difficult to find a seat.

Anjin, on the second floor, is a little more for adults and you can drink alcohol.

You can read the art books and magazine back numbers inside Anjin too.

The biggist magazine section in Tokyo with magazines from around the world

Humanities, literature, art, architecture, trips, interior, cars, cooking...so many categories of magazines.

Magazines have different tastes for every country, so it’s fun looking at them even if you can’t read the language.

CDs and DVDs displayed on the second floor

The CD listening/rental/selling space is over here.

There was the Beach Boys’ special exhibition along with the “LOVE&MERCY” movie in theaters now.

They have the latest speakers too. Not just books, but the small goods and accessories are selected creatively as well.

A rich selection of DVDS too!

How was the article?
Tsutaya was a franchised bookstore that had been around from 1983, but recently, rental CDs, DVDS, and comic books have been more popular among young people. So this Tsutaya Books was made to reach out to wider generations and build an environment where Japanese culture would grow.

Just like they planned, the Daikanyama Tsutaya Books has become a place where people of all ages who love literature and art gather. If you are one of them, you will surely be inspired just by coming to this place.

Please set foot on Daikantama Tsutaya Books!

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