Here is some useful information on how and where to store your luggage before you start your day in the Shibuya area! You can find a number of lockers and luggage offices available in Shibuya station.

Store Your Luggage in Lockers Before Exploring In Shibuya Station!

There are lockers where you can store your big luggage in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Many visitors including my friends from abroad have had problems finding a place for their luggage. Your hotel might hold your luggage even before check in and after check out, but if not, lockers are a great place to store your huge (and maybe heavy!) luggage.

Let’s Go to Shibuya 109, The Landmark Of Shibuya

Lockers in Shibuya are easy to find.

When you find Shibuya 109, Shibuya’s landmark shopping center, just walk in!

Go to the basement floor via stairs or elevator. First and second basement floors have a number of lockers and luggage offices available. We’ll show you both the 1st and 2nd basement floors in this article.

If you are coming from Shibuya Station, follow the way to Exit 3a.

Lockers And Luggage Office In First Basement Floor

Basement floors in Shibuya Station have 11 areas of lockers and each area has an alphabetic letter assigned. It helps you find your locker when you come back to collect your luggage.

The 1st basement floor from Exit 3a has A and B locker areas and a luggage office. The luggage office also has an information center.

Locker area B is on your left from 3A exit in Shibuya 109.

An electronic panel is installed in the locker, you can choose from Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean for an operating language. Choose the language you desire and it is easy to operate; just like your smartphone!

how much to put luggage at train station in shibuya lockers?

It costs 300 yen for small, 500 yen for medium, and 600 yen for large lockers.

How to pay?

You can pay with Suica, the contactless smart prepaid card. Suica is used as electronic key that can be used to open the locker as well.

Cash is also available as a method to pay, but you run the risk of losing the voucher you’ll need to get your luggage (a pass code on the voucher is required to open the locker since there is no key).

If the lockers are full, your luggage is too big, or you have more than one piece of luggage, there is a luggage office available. Walking through locker area B and going straight, you will find the luggage office/information center on your right.

Each piece of luggage costs 600 yen, and they can store the luggage from 10:00 to 18:00 per day.

The information center is equipped with Free Wi-Fi, and it has maps and other useful brochures available! This is not only meant as a facility to store luggage, but this can be the place you go when you are in trouble and need help finding places.

Across the aisle, you will find locker areas A1 and A2.

There are numbers of lockers that hardly get full even on the weekends!

Second Basement

A floor below, the second basement has locker areas C, D, E, and F. Operating method and price are the same as the first basement floor.

Please remember which locker area your luggage is in. As you’ve probably already noticed, all lockers look the same!

In the Second basement, there is also a luggage office available.

Cost for each luggage piece is the same as the other one (600 yen each), but their opening hour is from 9:00 to 22:00, so it has much more convenient opening hours! If you plan on staying in Shibuya longer, this is better option.

Shibuya Station has many English signs and maps, but it is surprisingly difficult to look for lockers’ operating hours… we know your time in Japan is limited and you don’t want to waste a single second!

Leave your huge and heavy luggage in the locker before exploring, and enjoy your day in the area without it!

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