Takibiya is a Japanese BBQ (we call it Yakiniku) restaurant which offers you Japanese Wagyu beef for lunch...a lot of them with cheap price!

Japanese Wagyu Beef BBQ For Lunch At Takibiya In Shibuya...Be Ready For Surprise!

BBQ is popular food in Brasil, USA, Korea and other coutries. Japanese people also love it!

Recently Japanese Wagyu such as Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef gets popular worldwide. Number of tourists come to Japan for great quality Wagyu beef is getting bigger and bigger!

Huge Wagyu at BBQ restaurant "Takibiya" in Shibuya

In this article, we introduce a Japanese BBQ (Yakiniku) restaurant called Takibiya in Shibuya. You will be surprised by its hearty lunch menu called Niku No Himalaya (meaty Himalaya) Lunch.

TA-DA!! Look at how huge it is! Who says Japanese eat small?

Niku No Himalaya Lunch has two price range that is 7,350 yen for 4-5 people and 4,400 yen for 2-3 people.

The picture is smaller one (4,400 yen).

It is just half sized….so how big the full sized beef could be…?

Waiter/waitless grills the meat on the grill in front of you, so no worries, just see and smell it until it’s done...

While you are waiting, you can have some appetizers

Here is Tofu and Kimchi on top. A bit spicy but it’s delicious!

Here is another appetizer. I ordered Seseri (chicken’s neck, see a picture below), but you can choose from Chicken Thigh or neck or fatty pork. If you love greasy food, fatty pork is a good choice, but I personally like the texture of Seseri in my mouth.

Oh, I guess it is time for us to enjoy this huge and meaty Himalaya!

I was wondering how we can eat this huge beef….. You can’t believe what happened next! A waiter brought our Himalaya away…. Noooooo!!

We were so sad...until he got back with a large plate on his hands!

He didn’t take the meat away, but he went to the kitchen to cut it pieces for us!!

Mmm look at this beautiful red!! It is grilled slowly that makes this meat very soft… Let’s put a small amount of Wasabi and dip it in Ponzu sauce (soy sauce with citrus juice)... It tastes oh-so refreshing!

If you prefer your meat midium or well-done, you can go ahead putting slices back on the grill.

Thier lunch menu has more variety! If you are not sure you can eat the huge block of meat, other lunch menus are available. You can choose meat from 6 slices of bonelss rib, sirloin, or bavette and your choice of meat comes with rice, salad, and Tofu & Kimchi. These lunch menus are about 1,100-1,400 yen.

If you go Yakiniku restaurant at night, it costs about 3,000-5,000 yen per person, but if you go there for lunch, it is cheaper! If you are interested Wagyu beef with low cost, Takibiya is a great choice!

Takibiya is only 5 minutes away from Shibuya Station East exit by walk! Enjoy hearty Wagyu beef at Takibiya in Shibuya!

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