This is about when I went to Koto-kuritsu Wakasu Kaihin Park for cycling. This park contains BBQ and a camping site, fishing place, and more...perfect for all of you!

A Sunny Day Is A Cycling Day! Wakasu Kaihin park

What do you think about Tokyo? Big city with sky high buildings and no green space? Well, this article may change your opinion about Tokyo! Koto-kuritsu Wakasu Kaihin park has beautiful nature and many activities, it is perfect for all of your family members!

wind power generation / 120248737@N03

Wakasu Kaihin Park is in Koto-ku (ward), and this big windmill is a land mark!

Photo credit: Yoshikazu TAKADA via VisualHunt / CC BY

You can enjoy outdoor activities such as BBQ, camping, cycling, and fishing. The kids athletic area is great for active little monsters!

I came here today to enjoy cycling with friends!

The Way To Go To The park

Shin-Kiba Station is the closest station to the park.

From Shin-Kiba Station, get on the bus that says, “for Wakasu Kyampujo Mae (means to Wakasu Camping Site).” The park is the last stop on the bus route.

Around a 15 minute bus ride...

The park is just in front of you when you get off the bus.
There are house rules on the board in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

First thing first...fill my tummy up! As I introduced above, you can enjoy BBQ as well, but there are some food stands available too!

Hot dog with chorizo! I wonder why eating it here is much better than eating it anywhere else...

Get Your Cycle Ready!

There is the place to rent a bike! Let’s go to this Cycle Center.

100 yen per hour for a bike doesn’t hurt you, does it? Get a ticket and choose a bike. Don’t lose your ticket; you’ll need to show it when you return your bike. The ticket also tells you the time at which you need to return it.

This is the park’s cycling course map...let’s roll!

Just next to the cycle pit, you will see a little circuit for kids. Kids can enjoy unique bikes in there!

Excited kids and anxious parents are a funny combination!

Beautifully sunny days are the perfect occasion for cycling by the ocean!

Get off where you find some beautiful scenery, take a rest and take in the scenery, and get back on the road again...

This swing we found was the best swing ever! I felt like I flew in the sky!

After returning bikes, we were on our way back to reality...

That much fun cycling took us about half a day! Again, this is a great place for a group of adults, but this is also a wonderful place for families!
I’d love to be back for BBQ and other activities here in Wakasu Kaihin Park in the future again!

If you are a bit tired of sky high buildings in the city area, try this green friendly and fun park!!

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