This is the first half of the trip article to the Shodoshima, an island in the Setonaikai, on the west side of Japan. It shows you how to get to Shodoshima on the ferry from Takamatsu Harbor in Kagawa prefecture.

Direction: How To Go Shohdoshima Island from Takamatsu

Trip to Shohdoshima from Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture!
I would like to give you directions on how to get there from Takamatsu.

First, go to Takamatsu Port.
It’s a 5 minute walk from Takamatsu Station, or a 90 second walk from Takamatsu Chikkoh Station.

You can go to other islands such as Naoshima Island (known for modern art), Ogijima Island, or Megijima Island from the Takamatsu Port.

Getting a tickets for the boat! Choose from the standard slow boat or splurge on the express..

A slow regular boat takes an hour and costs 690 yen for an adult and 350 yen for a child.
An express boat takes 35 minutes and costs 1170 yen for an adult and 590 yen for a child.

...Another upside is that round trip tickets are discounted!

There are a few ports on Shohdoshima Island, but from the looks of things Takamatsu Port - Tonosho Port is the busiest line.

I chose is pictured above on the right.

This is the ticket!

Waves are gentle… so it wasn’t hard to get myself comfortable.

Wow, that was fast!

View of Tonosho Port terminal.

This beautiful wide-angle view catches your eyes...doesn't it?

The island is the place that a movie Niju-Shi No Hitomi was filmed. If you are interested in the theme park, it’s easily accessible by bus!

Around the port, you will not see much…
Buses take you wherever you want!

Are you interested how we did Shohdoshima Island sightseeing? → Journey is to be continued...

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