This is the sequel to the trip article to Shodoshima, an island in the Setonaikai, on the west side of Japan.

Small Motorcycle Tour in Shodo Shima Island! Let's have lunch at Komame Shokudo

This article is the sequel to "Direction: How To Go Shohdoshima Island from Takamatsu".

In this article, I show you how I explored the island on a rental motor bike. I saw the beautiful rural landscape, and ate lunch in Shodoshima island in the Setonaikai.

Better Be on Small Motorcycle In Shohdo Shima, Because...

Looking around Shohdo Shima on a bus or a rental car is too basic! Let's go with a small motorcyle! You can feel the wind directly on your body and the biggest reason is...the thrill of riding the hills on the island!

So if you have a regular driver’s licence, you can rent a motorcycle. Pictured below is Ishii Cycle on Olive Street, one of the places that rents them.

If you are not familiar, they rent you tiny and slow ones called monkeys...but if you have some experience, let them know. They will get you faster ones!

Alright then, let's go!

Old and Nostargic Snenery: Senmaida

My first stop was one of the popular spots called Senmaida (a.k.a Tanada)!

Senmaida is made up of terraced rice fields located in the heart of the Shohdo Shima area.

Feel the wind on your body, and watch the scenery become greener...

Running at 20 kph (12 mph) is slow but it feels good!
It could get a bit chilly, so don’t forget your jacket!

Here we are... Senmaida (a.k.a Tanada)!

This unique shaped rice field came from utilizing wisdom and innovative ideas.

Unlike flat fields, farmers can't use machines in the field and it is not easy to keep water in. It makes their work more difficult...but the view is spectacular! Witnessing it makes many Japanese people nostalgic…

It was the end of April and right after rice was planted on the field, but in the fall there will be fantastic golden fields right before your eyes!

Watching the view...want to stay for a while...

Hungry? Komame Shokudoh is Must!

About an hour on motorcycle worked up an appetite.

A guy at the Ishii Cycle recommended us Komame Shokudoh (shokudoh means casual restaurant) located in the middle of the fields!

Komame Shokudoh stands at a crossroad.

It is a renovated vintage Japanese house and you can see traditional agricultural tools on the porch.

They have Onigiri Teishoku (rice balls with some side dishes and soup), Sohmen noodle (Shohdo Shima's speciality), Shohdo Shima Burger, etc...

You can eat at the terrace..under the shades of green and see beautiful rice fields...

Feels like heaven...

Sohmen Noodle in Shohdo Shima is Must!

Sohmen Teishoku (sohmen noodle comes with a rice ball). Presentation is nice as well. Sohmen is well known local speciality in Shohdo Shima, so try it!

The texture of the noodle is soft but still a bit chewy...I thought, "Is Sohmen that good?" Kagawa Prefecture is better known for Udon noodles, but the locals often eat Sohmen noodles as well!

Rice balls (fresh cropped from the fields you see from the terrace!) were delicious too!

Pictured above is Onigiri Teishoku, whose fish come from Setochi Island Sea and was ordered off a traditional fixed plate menu. Located adjacent to Shohdo Shima, the Setouchi's catch may be overshadowed by other local delicacies, but that shouldn’t detract from its reputation.

Take A Break With Muffins!

Komame Shokudoh has some homemade sweets...They look so yummy and only cost 150 yen...such a reasonable price!

Grab a muffin and get back on the road!

I ate the muffin at the top of Kankakei...Yum!

That was great experience I strolled in Shodo Shima island with a small motercycle for a day. I highly recommend to come here and relax!

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