This article is a Udon restaurant report at the most well-known place in Kagawa prefecture, Yamagoe Udon.

The Longest Line To Eat Udon In Kagawa Prefecture: Yamagoe Udon

Kagawa is famous for Udon, one of the most popular noodles eaten in Japan. This is because Kamatama Udon was born in Kagawa, which are thick Udon noodles eaten with a little bit of sauce.

Yamagoe Udon is the most famous Udon Restaurant in Kagawa. Kamatama Udon is originated here!
There is no station around (40 minute walk from the closest station), so you’ll need to take a car.

Long Line In Middle Of Nowhere!

You may get lost on your way, but you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction when there is a long line of cars and people as you get closer to Yamagoe won’t miss it!

You can see the line from a distance.

They have a large area to eat and you can send Udon noodles to your family and friends from there. The restaurant looks like a toll road rest stop, but always has a long line. They serve simple but delicious Udon, not a 5 course elegant meal. The waitresses are experienced which means waiting time should not be very long.

Surprizingly Awesome Hospitality

Their hats offer shade while waiting...

You have time to think what to get from their menu and the size of each bowl… If you can't make up your mind, don't worry! Get Kamatama Udon!

Tell her "Kamatama, Sho (small)" when she asks.

Help yourself to toppings and sides on your is Kagawa style.

Here It Comes...Japanese #1 Kamatama Udon

This is the best Kamatama Udon in the dish’s birthplace!

Look at the shiny egg

Soft-but-chewy texture noodles...and don't forget to include Dashi (broth soup) in your Kamatama Udon!

This delicious Kamatama Udon is only 250 yen!! Hooray, Udon Prefecture...!

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