This is an article about going to Tenshochi, a place famous for its cherry blossoms. It is in Kitakami city in Iwate, in the northeastern area of Japan. We talk about the beautiful cherry blossoms and food from stalls.

Run Up To North, Follow The Sakura (Cherry Blossom) In Kitakami!

Let me introduce this beauty from Kitakami City in Iwate Prefecture!

One Of The Three Most Populous Sights Of Cherry Blossoms In Tohoku: Tenshochi

Kitakami City is located south of Morioka City (the capital of Iwate Prefecture) and Tenshochi is very close to the city’s Kitakami Station.

Tenshochi is one of the three most popular sights for cherry blossoms in the Tohoku region (northern part of main land Japan). The other two are Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture and Hirosaki in Aomori Prefecture.

Cherry blossoms bloom especially beautifully here in late April!

By that time in the year, spring has already come to Tokyo, Yokohama, and anywhere else in Kanto region, so if you have some time to run up from south to north for cherry blossoms, the trip is worth the experience!

Each twig has so many pretty flowers...they look just like corn cobs!

It really depends on the forecast, but about 70% of cherry blossoms had bloomed by 16 April 15.

Cherry blossom isn't 100% ready yet... When it is ready, the city puts lights on at night as well.

The cherry blossom tunnel is just by the park. I Wish it was sunny...

This is a map of Tenshochi and the surrounding attractions. The red dot indicates where we are.

Yay for food stands! You may find something new and delicious!!

These food stands and rest house area continue for another 1.3 km along the Kitakami River.

Sun is setting... Is it time already?

Direction From Kanto Area to Tenshochi

Because my brother is moving to Kitakami City for business, I asked him for a ride. We left Yokohama at 9am and we got there around it took 7 1/2 hours. Not so bad, right?

I had a hotel room in the Kitakami Station area, so I went to Tenshochi on foot. It was about 6km travel round trip! Feel like Dora The Explorer?

Koi Streamers Over The Kitakami River!

Koi (Carp) streamers were swimming in the air! Oh, catfish were up there, too!

City center area is across the river.

I had some conversations with people at the bars/pubs... Many of them were coming to Kitakami for business trip or transfers!

On the next day at about the same time, I saw beautiul swans in the air! They were squawking over my heard and flying like the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels...awesome!

They’ll journey up north to Hokkaido, then go back to Siberia, Russia.

I saw those swans flying on TV and didn't think it was that impressive...but oh no, they were so lovely!

If you missed the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Kyoto, or any other places, don't worry! You still have a chance to see beautiful cherry blossoms in Tohoku even though it is late April, the odds are high that they haven’t yet bloomed!

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