This is a report on my stay at ‘Fukuchiyama Ark Hotel’, a business hotel in front of Fukuchiyama Station in Kyoto.

A report on ‘Fukuchiyama Ark Hotel’, a business hotel in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto

I’m writing on ‘Fukuchiyama Ark Hotel’ where I stayed on my business trip to Kyoto.

Fukuchiyama is in Kyoto, one of the major sightseeing cities, but it is not very well known among tourists.

It is actually a wonderful area with a rustic ‘Fukuchiyama Castle’ and beautiful mountains with stunning views…I wonder if it’s going to be more popular as s tourist destination from now on.

Anyway, this article is about a business hotel located in front of Fukuchiyama Station.

Hotel access and Accommodation fee of ‘Fukuchiyama Ark Hotel’, a business hotel in Fukuchiyama

As mentioned above, the location of the hotel is superb, standing right in front of Fukuchiyama Station.

I was staying there on a ¥6700 package/night including breakfast. Good and reasonable!

This is the room.

This is the room. I had actually stayed here several times in the past, and it is always this clean and refreshing.

In addition, ever since I borrowed a pants press, they always make sure to leave one for me in the room. I really appreciate this kind of service and hospitality. This certainly makes guests feel comfortable during the stay.

The desk area was great to work, fully equipped with the Internet connection via both wired and wireless LAN. It surely helps you work efficiently!

They made a bed with clean crisp linen, and it is totally spotless around the storage space at the head of the bed. I’m sure you’ll achieve great results with your work if you spend a business trip in this wonderful condition. lol

Moreover, multi cell phone charger in the room, which was compatible with different brands, came in really handy during this trip. It was extremely useful that I managed to charge my private phone, work phone and even my own tablet all at the same time. (Back then, the charger was for cell phones, but I’m guessing the hotel supplies smartphone charging cables now. /lol)

The bathroom was also clean and the lighting was good and bright.

Is it only me who thinks that hygiene in the bathroom directly represents the review of the hotel?

I stayed there comfortably in the clean and well-lighted environment.

Breakfast at ‘Fukuchiyama Ark Hotel’!

Now, let me talk about the breakfast there. It was served in a restaurant called ‘Waraku’ on the 1st floor.

You can select your breakfast from Set A and Set B, which are ¥600 and ¥800 respectively. Whichever you choose, if you purchase the ticket on the day before, you’ll get ¥100 off. You can also choose whether you’d like a Japanese or Western breakfast. So, I ordered a Japanese breakfast.

The restaurant was bright and spacious.

Many guests were having the breakfast.

Here is the Japanese breakfast Set B.

It includes several side dishes and they all seem to be cooked from scratch.

I like a buffet style to fill me up, but this sort of breakfast with a set menu is not bad.

Dried flounder was piping hot and fresh off the grill. It was juicy and delicious.

Stewed green leafy vegetables were light and homey. Miso soup was steaming and refreshing that woke me up properly.

Onsen Tamago (A Japanese soft-boiled egg in a soy-based sauce) was tasty, too.

Many people from overseas might think it’s challenging to eat, but Natto-the king of breakfast, which Japanese people love, was there as well. lol

After the breakfast, you can enjoy a coffee at the drink section free of charge.

I ate plenty for breakfast and got to relax over a coffee.

I had such a wonderful morning.

I really had a great time staying there for a night.

If I am to stay in Fukuchiyama again, I will definitely come back here, but nowhere else.

I would happily recommend this hotel for its reasonable price and outstanding service and hospitality.

I hope this will help when you travel there!

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