This is a report about using the new type of iron called Irui (clothing) Steamer from Panasonic. This product can smooth the wrinkles of clothes and deodorize without using an ironing board.

Tremendously popular in Japan! Try using the new type of iron called Irui Steamer from Panasonic

There is an electric appliance that has recently released in Japan!

It’s called the “Clothes Steamer” by Panasonic. It’s such an innovative and useful product that without irons or ironing tables you can smooth out wrinkles on clothes and remove odors from smoking and sweating.

If you have a hard time ironing clothes all the time but still would like to put on a nicely set outfits on your important occasions, then this product is for you!

A view of the “Clothes Steamer”, by Panasonic

The price range is from 8,000 to 9,000 yen. It looks big due to the box but the actual product size is only 15cm tall and is quite compact. It’s about a the size of two fists.

The steam emits from the five holes in the back.
It’s sort of unfortunate that it’s not a cordless product.

The metal surface has a not a flat but slightly rounded shape. Unlike other normal irons, this makes it easier to reach to the collar and the button parts.

Now let’s find out what this steam iron is all about!

First off, you put water inside with this cup.

There is a lid on the side of the product where you take this out.

The cup has a pointed tip at the end which makes it easier to pour water with.

Now you just turn the power on and wait for 30 seconds.

That’s basically it for preparation. So easy!

For normal irons, you have to take out the iron table, wait for 5 mins, and so forth. See how wonderfully handy this iron is!

Let’s experiment smoothing out wrinkles!

So today, I’d like to try ironing the wrinkles of this pillow cover.

I folded and let it sit for a while after washing on purpose, so that there are both big and small wrinkles all over.

The best part of this steamer is that you can iron items while they are hung.

Hold onto the grip pushing the button, just and steam it about 3cm away from the cloth.

You can also pull the cloth edge and press the steamer into to it. This way the bigger wrinkles will get smoothed out better.

It takes total only 5 mins. The wrinkles that were quite outstanding are now all gone.

The before/after look is quite obvious . The small wrinkles were even easier, just by applying the steam gently.

Review & Feedback

I’d like to sum up the review.

The reviews on Amazon were pretty much the same as mine.

◯ Pros

◯ Cons

From these reviews above, I’d say it’s better to use the normal iron for the shirts and bed sheets where you have to smooth out bigger wrinkles completely.

After all, this product works best when you want to remove smaller wrinkles and odors right before you leave home in my opinion.

In terms of weight and frequency of adding water, Panasonic certainly will make it better from now on. So it might be a good idea to purchase an updated version product in the future.

Black version available for men

The product I introduced today was colored pink and is nice for women. But there is also a black version available for men as well. The black version has a flat surface in the heated part that you can press clothes firmly.

If you often wear shirts, I certainly recommend this version as well!

If you think you can’t miss getting a good electric appliance in Japan, please check this product out! It’s such a popular product that I’m sure every electric shop carries it.

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