This is an artical about camping at Asatsuyu Kogen, a national park by the world heritage, Fuji Mountain, on New Years Eve. We show how we put out a tent, prepared food, slept underneath the stars, and saw the morning sunrise.

Camping in the Asagiri Kogen, a National Park by the Fuji Mountain

I went to a camping from 29th to 30th December 2014!

The destination was Asagiri Kougen.

Asagiri Kougen is the vast national park which is located in the bottom of Mt.Fuji. You can see Mt.Fuji beautifully anywhere in the park. The name Asagiri was literary came from ‘the morning mist’ which happens quite often.

It was really sunny day on 29th, so I was enjoying the view of Mt.Fuji. Actually I was enjoying Mt.Fuji clearly from Yokohama.

There was a lot of snow in Gotenba side. It reminds me a Chocolate truffle.

Fist, I need to find a place to set up my tent

Unn,,, I think this is the perfect spot for my base point.

When I started to think “This place is perfect because no one is nearby, perfect sun light, it’s dry, a good shelter to avoid strong winds… etc.” I felt I was really looking for a new home lol

I’ve picked the place to pitch my tent carefully, as some placees have snow… It’s really important to pick the right spot.

Wow, paraglider! Looking fantastic!!

Now, it’s time to set up the tent!

My tent was triangle shape which is easy to set up.

Ta-Da! Don’t you think it looks like Mt.Fuji which is in behind? I’m proud of it and this is my castle!!

Preparing dinner, time for Yakiimo (seat potato BBQ)!

I’ve done shopping on the way in the supermarket.

I’m happy to get some Anouimo which is a popular brad of sweet potato( Perfect for Yakiimo). The Serino mushroom was quite reasonable too!

Wrap Anouimo in a tin foil, now it’s ready for Yakiimo!

Throw them in the fire! Uh-oh, the firewood I bought was conifer, because of that it was burning too quickly, I need more firewood!!
I gathered tree branches which I found them nearby.

The setting sun and red Fuji!

While picking up the firewood, it began darker and darker.

Wow, wonderful red Fuji!! The red Fuji is literally a red colored Mt.Fuji that you can see the reflection of the setting sun and there is a legend that you will be lucky if you see it.

When it grows dark, the temperature drops really quickly.

Dinner preparation before gets really dark!

I must finish dinner preparation.

Today’s dinner is Hot pot.

The temperature dropped really fast and now it’s already below zero.

I heard some cracking sounds and was wondering what that was… then realized it was the freezing sound from the ingredients.

Hot pot was really warming. It’s a Moso based soup broth, you need water, sake, dashitsuyu, sesame paste, ginger and a bit of salt. I boiled burdock and chicken to make a soup base.

The mushroom was frozen when we put them in the hot pot.

The other ingredients are chicken thighs, Japanese parsley, burdock, Chinese cabbage and a long green onion. We added also Tsumire(chicken meat bolls).

It’s a dinner time! Miso Nabe(Hot Pot) is ready.

The mushroom and Japanese parsley was delicious! This hot pot was so simple but tasted gorgeous.

It was really could out here even Sake got frozen and of course all the ingredients were frozen too. I think it’s a good idea not to think how cold was out there….

The stove was not enough to cook the hot pot so I moved it on top of the fire place. After added some chicken meat balls, I put some Kishimen (flat Japanese wheat noodles) at the end!

Kishimen was really good, our hot pot dish was successful!!

I’ve never tried Miso base hot pot before but I’ll do it again at home too.

I totally forgot my Yakiimo. But it was mouth melting and yummy.

I'm so full, it’s time for bed.

After satisfied from the dinner, I cleaned up.

I rinsed the cutting board and just in a second, water started frozen. I boiled a lot of hot water and finished washing and washing my face too.

Now, it’s ready to sleep!

I put the stuffs inside the tent that I don’t want them to get frozen. The serface of the water tank was already started frozen.

The tent was small although it was cozy and fun space.

My sleeping bag was from Mont-bell and it was the second warmest sleeping bag of the brand. I’ve put a blanket and air mattress underneath as well.

The kerosene stove will be on till 8am when I added the oil now.

The outside was really cold but I was lucky there were no winds. It was around -5℃ but wasn’t bad as I expected.

A starry night from my tent…

Then, a starry night.

It was just perfect.

I cannot imagine this was the same sky that I was looking at every night.

The constellation Orion was actually not only 7 stars there are more in it….

On the midnight radio, I heard the guest interviewer who was from the national astronomical observation center and they were talking about Quadrantids coming on 3rd and 4th of January.

I was listening but slumbering too…good night….

The sunrise!

The exciting moment of the sunrise! I was really waiting for this moment!

During the night I felt my feet was really cold, so I stack disposable heating pad and wrapped up my feet in the blanket. It was perfect after all and slept really well.

Everything was frozen on the ground. Then, it started foggy.

Breakfast time

I’ve gathered some brown bushes and firewood which were not yet frosted. Then lit the fire on the wet frozen firewood.

I was so hungry. I’ve lit the fire, put the kettle on, then after started to collect more firewood. I was so busy from the morning but it was worth it for my breakfast. When everything was ready, I started to make a hot sandwich.

A sunny side up.

The cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup.

Here you are!

It’s so warm!!

Don’t forget a cup coffee.

Bon appétit! Fantastic! Delicious! I really wanted to do this!!
When the sun went up, it got warmer and warmer.

One by one, I took off my down jacket and took of my fleece jacket then finally it was warm enough with only long-sleeved T shirt.

After the breakfast, it’s clean up time.

I’ve tried to dry things up, little by little.

I was drying the blanket which I borrowed from Kero(my friend).

My dream home was gone by night.

Camping was really fun and delicious! I really had a great end of the year!

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