This is an article about a big shopping mall called Lumine Est, in the center of Tokyo, Shinjku. We especially recommend a store inside Lumine Est called 3COINS, which sell all items for only 300 yen.

Shopping at LUMINE EST in Shinjuku, Tokyo

It's so long, LUMINE EST!

LUMINE is a shopping complex building offering stores like 3COINS, which sells cute knick-knacks for 300 yen each!

So, What Is LUMINE EST Anyway?

LUMINE has 3 shopping complexes in Shinjuku Station area, called “LUMINE 1,” “LUMINE 2,” and “LUMINE EST.” If you are looking for popular Japanese branded items, those 3 complexes the best place to go!

All 3 buildings are just next to the station, so don’t worry about getting lost! The only thing you need to know is that LUMINE 1 and 2 are at the SOUTH exit but LUMINE EST is located at the EAST exit.

LUMINE 1 and 2 have shops mostly for young adults (ages 20+) and EST has shops and items for teenagers.

Norm And Pretty...LOWRYS FARM In Second Floor

Below is the popular Japanese brand LOWRYS FARM on the second floor in EST.

It is very spacious, so the store has a very wide selection.

Here’s a shop called Heather...Affordable price meets girls' needs… So affordable that I want to get them all!

1st Basement Is Knick-Knack Heaven! Don't Forget Cosmetic Items!

This is the main reason why I am here today...knick-knacks.

I forgot the name of the store, but this folding umbrella is a cutie... It is surprisingly small!! It could make for a good souvenir.

Do you see how small the umbrella is? It is palm-sized and light… so easy to carry!

Litchee’s concept/motto is "The most fashionable girl in Asia." It has unique and eccentric items from not only Japan, but also from overseas.

Look at this pretty pouch! You can put a packet of facial tissue in the pocket then looks like a pelican is sticking his tongue out...oh so cute!!

They have baby goods too. Look at this teething ring! How did a baby boy grow a moustache?

It was too cute to one for my nephew...

You have a girl? Get one with Rocky Horror lips!

The basement has cosmetics as favorite? BiOPLE tokyo!

They have a huge variety of organic cosmetics.

Alright...Now It Is Time For Me To Go Crazy For Knick-Knacks At 3COINS!!

3COINS is located in the third floor in LUMINE EST. A crowd in the store like the one I saw the day I visited proves their popularity and the items are reasonably priced!

They have a good selection of interior accessories.

See the Scandinavian cushion case? Oh so pretty!

Those are to cover chair legs and protect floor from scratching. Imagine if pandas were protecting your floor...cute!

So many variety of pouches and zipped little bags in different shapes, sizes, and patterns. Again, everything in the store is 300 yen each!

Mt. Fuji figure pouch! This could be a great souvenir too!

Each set contains 5 toothbrushes! Kawaii!

It is good to keep in the house and a wonderful little gift for guests staying over...don't you think?

Shades are also 300 yen...and they are not even out of fashion...good deal!

I got a few pouches and this ribbon-shaped hair band and face mask set.

Wet the mask with water and make it cold in the fridge or make it warm in the microwave and put it on your face...this mask helps your blood circulation!

There is an another small 3COINS kiosk at the south exit in Shinjuku Station, but LUMINE EST has a lot more items you can choose from!

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