This article guides you to highly recommended restaurants/shops in Tsukiji Jogai Shijo, Tokyo!

Enjoy The World’s Biggest Seafood Market In Tsukiji ~Part 2~

From Part 1, this continues to introduce restaurants/shops with high reputations in Tsukiji Jogai Shijo!

Tsukemono NakagawayaToritoMac MoreNiku No YazawaMarutakeSaito Suisan Main StoreSaito Suisan 2nd BranchKibunShirasu-yaTsukiji Shouro

6) Tsukemono Nakagawaya

They sell pickles in the store. You will be surprised how wide their selection is!

There are sampling boothes available, so try them if you are not sure what to get! Mmm, all pickles I tried were good….

Pickled onions, cucumbers, pumpkins...unusual pickles are available!


7) Torito

It was after 9am when I walked by. I was surprised there were already piles of people getting fresh chicken!

They sell not only fresh chicken but homemade tandoori chicken, roasted duck, deep-fried chicken thigh, Teriyaki chicken thigh, grilled chicken, etc in the showcase...

The POP says “hugely popular ½ sized deep-fried chicken” ...Then, why not to try!? I’ve never seen this large deep-fried chicken before! I am excited to eat it!!

Look how beautiful it is! It is simply seasoned with soy sauce, but this well balanced chicken and batter are the best thing ever! I understand people love it! Awwww my mouth starts drooling while I write this article~~~!!


8)Mac More

Mac More is a cafe in Tsukiji Market.

Even though it is a cafe, they offer various seafood set menus!


9) Niku No Yazawa

This is another few of the shops in Tsukiji not related to seafood. Huge blocks of pork, beef, and other meat are lined up in the showcases.



Marutake’s best selling omelette is only 100 yen for a piece. It can be a good finger snack with you while you are walking around! Enjoy their freshly cooked omelette!

Do you think omelette is not the thing to buy at the store? Try their omelette!

Japanese omelette is called Dashimaki Tamago which has large amount of Dashi (soup stock) and delicately cooked. It is VERY hard to make it at home…


11) Saito Suisan Main Store

This is seafood wholesale merchant.


12) Saito Suisan 2nd Branch


13) Kibun

Kibun is the most known processed food company in Japan. They sell many kinds of fish cakes and other processed food.


14) Shirasu-ya

Shirasu is white bait in Japanese. Shirasu-ya sells various kinds of it.


15) Tsukiji Shouro

This is another omelette shop. You may enjoy comparing the tastes of Marutake and Shouro!


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