This is 3/3 article of introducing Tsukiji Market! There are many more you should see in the market!

Enjoy The World’s Bigegst Seafood Market In Tsukiji ~Part 3~

This is continued from Part 2...

Tsukiji ShouroTsukiji KimurayaMosuke Dango Jogai Shijo BranchAkiyamaRupanUomasaShouwa ShokuhinAji No YonekuraEdoichiFukaya SuisanHankyu ShoutenKawana Shouten

16) Tsukiji Kimuraya

Kimuraya is a Anpan specialty bakery! Anpan is bread with sweet red bean paste inside. Sweet red bean paste (called Anko in Japanese) is basic ingredient in Japanese traditional sweets. Kimuraya is the first bakery which started to sell Anpan in Japan after bread and its method of baking is imported into Japan.

They sell many kinds of bread...but their best selling is Keshi Anpan which has poppy seeds on top.


17) Mosuke Dango Jogai Shijo Branch

Dango is Japanese traditional sweets. Small sticky Mochi is on skewers. They have various kinds of Dangos such as Tsubuan Dango (mushed sweet red bean paste on Dango), Koshian Dango (smooth sweet red bean paste on Dango), and Shouyu Dango (sweet soy sauce on Dango). Also they sell other traditional sweets as well. Even if you are not a big fan of Japanese traditional sweets, you will enjoy seeing their sweets like Kusamochi (mugwort rice cake), Mizu Yokan (soft red bean agar), Sasamochi (rice cake wrapped by bamboo leaves), and more!

They also sell some seasoned sticky rice.

I bought Tsubuan and Shouyu Dangos. Shouyu Dango was lightly seasoned. I personally prefer stronger flavour...

Tsubuan Dango was wonderfully delicious! It is tender and has just right amount of suger in it… I love it!!


18) Akiyama Shouten

Akiyama Shouten is a specialty store of Katsuobushi (dried bonito). Katsuobushi is very important ingredient to make Dashi (soup stock). As many of you know, Dashi is used for most Japanese dishes.

They sell many kinds of dried bonitos in different method of shredding… It is hard to choose one from bunch of fluffy and flavourful dried and shredded bonitos!!


19) Rupan

This is a bakery in Tsukiji Jogai Shijo!


20) Uomasa

They sell not only fresh seafood but seasoned cod roe, salmon roe, and herring roe, and dried white bait, and more!

21) Shouwa Shokuhin

They sell seasoned and/or dried seafood such as seasoned salmon fillets, fish roe, and more!

22) Aji No Yonekura

I forgot to take pictures of the shop...sorry!! They sell dried seafood including dried and shredded bonito, sheets of kelp, dried Shiitake mushroom, and dried fruits etc...


23) Edoichi

They sell various kinds of Tsukudani (food boiled in sweetened soy sauce) and cooked beans in small packages for around 300 yen each. If you buy 4 packages of 300 yen packages, they are only 1,000 yen in total!

Looks at these beans…! They all look tasty...


24) Fukaya Suisan

Fukaya Suisan sells dried seafood such as various kinds of kelp sheets and sardine.

25) Hankyu Shouten

Hankyu Shouten is the hidden gem in Tsukiji Jogai Shijo! They are right next to the restaurant so it may be hard to find. They sell processed seafood, their signature merchandise is fried sardine (it is important ingredient to make Dashi as well as dried bonito).

The gentrleman gave me some discount! There are many kinds of sardine available! If you are not sure which to get, ask the pros!

26) Kawana Shouten

They sell dried seafood such as sardine, squid, kelp, brown seaweed, prawn, scallops, etc…

Closed on Sundays, national holidays, and when Jonai Shijo is closed

...So this is it!

Whew...many shops, restaurants, and specialty stores are available in Jogai Shijo, right? Many of them are available onlu in Tsukiji Market, so try them if you are interested! Otherwise, you won’t find it anywhere. Even if you don’t buy anything, just seeing ithe energetic people working in these and the market itself is very much fun… Enjoy! :)

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