This is a trip blog about the Jigokudani Onsen in Nagano, which is famous for wild monkeys to come to bathe in the hotsprings. I enjoyed the hotsprings in Yudanaka Shibu Onsenkyo too, which is a little closer than Jigokudani Onsen.

I went on a daytrip to Jigokudani, a hotspring where monkeys come!

April. The snow is almost completely gone.
We visited Jigokudani, a place popular among foreigners.

How to Get to Jigokudani

Jigokudani is near a hotspring called the Yudanakashibu Onsenkyo.
The first gateway is Yudanaka Station.
There is also an express train called the Snow Monkey departs from Nagano Station.
(Probably only during the winter.)

There is a bus that takes you near Jigokudani, but this time we are going to go by car instead.
When going by car, you will soon find a parking lot as you follow the Jigokudani sign towards Kanbayashi.
The parking fee is free.

The entrance is right ahead. Let's go exploring!

Nice Cafes and Shops aroung Jigokudani

"Enza Cafe"
A cafe that seems to have opened recently.

Useful English menus.

Rental and souvenir shop, perfect for this location that is even called the Snow Monkey, especially popular during the winter season.

They even rent equipment against the cold!
They can respond in English.

Finally to the Jigokudani Yaen Koen!

We're here at the entrance.

We will walk this path for about 5 minutes.
It's better if you wear shoes suitable for walking.

Meanwhile, because we were here in the beginning of April, I couldn't stop sneezing although I don't usually develop hay fever.

Probably a dreadful path for people who have hay fever.

Payed a 500-yen entrance fee to go inside.
Oh, and before that, they do not allow anything like food inside, so we left our things in the locker.

There are certain things to be careful when seeing the Snow Monkeys.

-Do not show or give them food.

-Do not touch them or look at them in the eye

This is about it, I think.

Alright, let's go inside!

Monkeys!! Found them!

There's still snow on the ground.

This is the scene we've been waiting for, monkeys taking a bath!

They look so slim after they come out of the water.

How heart-warming.

The monkeys in Jigokudani first started going into the hotspring to bear the cold.
It was very warm on this day but there were a lot of monkeys bathing.

They go back to the woods at night.

Stop by at the Shibusawa Hotspring

Before going home, stop by at the Shibu Hotspring.
Free footbaths and Omanju(Japanese sweets that is popullar in a hotspring town).


The Shibu Hotspring comes directly from the hotspring source, so it is very hot.
But it warms up your body!

Yukatas and wooden clogs to match the situation.

At the very end, let's go to the Takimoto Ryokan.
A very famous comic story teller, Enraku, welcomes you at the entrance.

Make sure you find this place!

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