‘Marunouchi’ is a shopping area next to Tokyo Station. This page covers all the details on the restaurant lunch at ‘mood board’ where you can have an all-you-can-eat bread.

Satisfy your stomach in the shopper’s paradise, Marunouchi! To a buffet restaurant!

Marunouchi is one of the fancy shopping area in Tokyo.

After visiting Tokyo station and the Emperor’s Palace, it is a good idea to drop in for a shopping around Marunouch. That’s the typical sightseeing course around here.

I heard there is a bread buffet restaurant nearby, the good place for taking a break after shopping and get relaxed so, here I am!

Headding to “Marunouchi Brick Square”!

The restaurant is in Marunouchi Brick Square so let’s start form Tokyo Station.

When you stand facing to the Tokyo station, on your left hand side is Shin Marunouchi building and on your right hand side is Marunouchi building. So, just go straight on your right hand side about one block, then you’ll find Marunouchi Brick Square.

The building is located just beside the lushly green square. It is easy to find. They have a lot of benches where you can take a break.

The lovely bread buffet restaurant “mood board”

The restaurant is at 3rd floor and the view from the windows are really nice as you can see the square and the main street of Marunouchi.

Cool entrance.

The lunch menu changes daily but usually they have 3 or 4 choices from the set of hors d’oeuvre, meat, fish and pasta with the price range of ¥1000~¥1500. The price includes a mini salad, bread buffet and free soft drinks and tea & coffee!

I chose “the roasted chicken thigh” for my main dish.

Let’s try buffet!

Well, it was exciting to see there are 9 to 10 kinds of bread to choose from.

Raisin bread. The great ting is all bread slices are quite small, so it is possible to try a bit of everything.

I think this is unusual, it’s Tomato bread! You can see the tomato bits inside and I felt I can eat forever.

It was hard to choose… but finally I’ve got raison bread, tomato bread and pumpkin bread.

The texture was puffy and quite filling.

There are other different kinds of flavor like, spinach bread, cocoa bread with chocolate chips, herb bread, olive bread and read bean paste sweet bread. I guess it’s a good idea to share with your friends and try a bit of everything.

The most popular bread is croissant and it seems they will be gone really quickly.

Not only the bread! But the drink and salad and the main dish was fantastic!

It was not only the bread but you’ll get free soft drinks too!
There are a several kinds of fruit vinegar drinks, so I choose an apple vinegar soda. The vinegar is a good nuturition which helps your body to recover from your daily fatigue.

This is the salad. It had lettuces, radish sprouts, blue skinned red radish and so on. The dressing has a strong vinegar flavor and it was a lot ot top of the salad.

The main course was “the roasted chicken thigh”!
They served a quite generous portion of chicken thigh, so I thought would it be possible to finish all of them?

But not to worry, I actually finished all!

The meant was very tender, so it was easy to finish. Again, they’ve used vinegar in the gravy sauce which actually felt smooth and refreshing when you put them in the mouth. It was wonderful!!

The desert and coffee after the main course

After your main dish, just go back to the buffet section and have some coffee or tea to relax.

If you like to have a desert, you can add the desert of the day with only ¥300 extra.

Maybe it’s a good idea to have some sweet bread such as red bean paste bread or cocoa bred.

The restaurant with lovely view and relaxing atmosphere, it’s a perfect place for a shopping brake! Why don’t you come and experience it sometime?

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