The convenience store chain, 7-Eleven is a very famous for their delicious obento (packed lunchbox) and side dishes. This article reveals the tastiest obento out of 7-Eleven selections chosen by its staff.

Are these really ready-made food? The good Bento lunch boxes we recommend in Seven Eleven!

There are many convenience stores in Japan, but my most favorite is Seven Eleven!

Not only do they have a wide assortment of products, but they also have Seven Eleven original packed lunches and desserts, which are so good that they don’t taste ready-made!

It’s nice to eat out in Japan, but you should also check out the amazing quality of Japanese convenience stores.

Seven Eleven lunch today!

Today, the three of us gathered up for a Seven Eleven party! lol

Cutting corners, but it’s cheap and easy, occasionally a great support for single people like us.

Thinking about nutrition balance with convenience store salads.

A Seven Eleven salad that I love the most is Otsumami Choregi Salad!

It is flavored with a Korean taste, and the smell of sesami oil is very good.

With the salty dressing and laver!

Yum. The lettuce and onions are very fresh too.

As it says in its name, Otsumami Salad, the saltiness goes well with alcohol too.

(Osumami means Tapas in Japanese.)

Next: Recommended packed lunch, “Ebichiri Fried Rice”!

One of Seven Eleven’s standard products, Ebichiri Fried Rice, is 538yen.

The reason why its price is higher than other packed lunched is because it contains lots of plump shrimp.

Put into the microwave for 3 minutes, with the plastic wrap on.

When it gets heated, pour the ebichiri on the rice.

Ta-da! Lots of shrimp, all big in size.
The flavoring is spicy and genuine.

It’s not much in quantity, but you do get pretty full!

A Seven Eleven long-seller, “Negishio Pork Kalbi Lunch Pack”

Next we recommend “Negishio Pork Kalbi Lunch Pack”!

This has been popular for a very long time in Seven Eleven. I used to eat this often when I didn’t have that much money back in my high school days.
It’s only 369yen!

Heat it up in the microwave for a minute and forty seconds!

Look at this glossy pork!

The pork isn’t that thick, but the spring onion and salt sauce is thoroughly flavored so it tastes just right. It matches the mugi rice perfectly!

Highly recommended right now: Oyakodon with soft-boiled egg!

Oyakodon is a very popular Japanese common food, along with Gyudon.

“Oyako” means “parent and child,” and it’s named Oyakodon because chicken and eggs are cooked together in a sweet sauce. Unique naming, right?

I currently recommend this lunch pack the most. Only 399yen.

The red pepper powder you sprinkle on is inside the dent on the lid. Very well-thought!

Heat it up in the microwave for three and a half minutes, and pour the ingredients onto the rice.

The delicious smell of the broth is mouth-watering.

The soft-boiled egg is melting and so am I...

Mix the chicken and eggs with the rice, and put them all in your mouth!

The sweet and soft egg, tender meat and rice are such a great match, you can’t stop eating.

So full.

Japan has a lot of single-living people especially in the cities, and the convenience store packed food has developed as that popularity grew. Ready-made products may sound unhealthy, but no, it’s actually quite good!

Convenience stores have products that young single people and business people would want to eat back at home, maybe what their mother used to cook. You should definitely try the Seven Eleven packed food during your stay.

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