This is an article on real visiting experience at ‘Itsukushima Shrine’, the World Horitage site on Miyajima island in Hiroshima. It covers the important information for you to check out, e.g. directions from Hiroshima to Miyajima and some highlights to make the most of your trip.

To the World Heritage site in Hiroshima with a history of a thousand years, Itsukushima Shrine

I was here in Hiroshima, visited UNESCO world heritage Miyajima (Itukushima shrine) in Aki.

Miyajima is believed as a secret island that serves God and people have revered and worshipped the island from ancient times. The main shrine is said to have been constructed in 593 then after around 12th century, during the era of Taira-no-Kiyomori, it became a place of worship for the Heike clan. As the power of the Heike clan increased, the number of worshippers at the shrine increased, the shrine itself began to become known among the members of the Imperial Court, and its grandeur became more and more magnificent.

The beliefs and worships were carried on to generation to generation and still remain in our soul. Miyajima is elected as the top three aesthetic scenery in Japan.

How to get to Itsukushima Shrine

Arrived at Hiroshima station! It was raining unfortunately… hopefully will get better soon!!

At first you have to buy a day ticket for tram and ferry boat.

If you buy a ticket on the spot, in total you’re going to spend 40 yen more, so I recommend to get a day ticket. It’s handy and cheaper.

And then, if you buy a ticket which includes ropeway, you’ll save ¥490 in total ! If you are planning to get on the ropeway, definitely this is the ticket!

It will take about an hour from Hiroshima station to Hiroden Miyajima station. But it’s worth it, as you are passing through Hiroshima city so you can see Atomic Bomb Dome on the way and enjoy sightseeing. If you are in a hurry, then JR Sanyo Honsen (main line) will only take 25 minutes to get there.

From Miyajima station, just follow the crowds… and about in a minute…!

You’ll arrive at Miyajimaguchi sanbashi the place you take a ferry boat.

Ferry boat trip is about 10 minutes. It’s a good idea to feel a sea breeze!

Deer, deer everywhere Itsukushima Shrine!!

On arrival, you’ll be welcomed by friendly wild deer.
They are so gentle and you can thatch them.

Walking along the front approach with deer….

Now, Otorii (giant gateway) is coming closer!

Otorii looks totally different depends on the time you visit because of the tide. The most photogenic moment is at high tide. You can see Otorii in the water, and it’s really fantastic.

Inside Itsukushima Shrine. The gateway looks really beautiful.

Of course you can visit Itsukushima Shrine inside. It’s the shrine surrounded by the ocean, ambiance is really fantastic!!

The vivid red color catches your eyes.

This is the picture of Otorii where I took from inside the shrine. There is a sea kayak tour you can go under the Otorii.

The view of Otorii was unreal and I felt it was a framed picture.

There was a rift in the clouds and five-storied pagoda appeared beautifully!!

Torii at the low tide

This is how it looks like when the tide is low.
And the only moment you can walk up to Torii, it really felt special!

Dinner time after the tour! Oysters!!

When you leave the shrine, you’ll find many restaurants and souvenir shops around. It’s ok to go into a restaurant but I recommend to get some bites from the food stands.

Oyster! A drop of soy sauce then Bon a petit!! It’s creamy!!

There are grilled oysters too!! Of course I’m getting a bite! The flavor of sea aroma was scrumptious.

I found Teriyaki Oysters!! Am I eating too much? No, they are all different tastes I never feel too much!

The end of the tour is to get on the ropeway and viewing the Setonaikai (the sea)!

After some delicious experience, we walked towards to ropeway station.

It was about 30 minutes walk under the green. You can take shuttle buses too but I chose walking as it seemed nice foot path under the green.
It was good but I forgot it was summer… sweat a lot….

Deer is everywhere of course!

The ropeway was a classic style so it was a bit thrilling.

Change the ropeway on the way, and then continue to Shishiiwa view point at Misen. This is the place you can meet the ocean in front of you!

The power and faith of the island fascinates people to come to Miyajima! It’s not only Itsukushima Shrine but a lot more to enjoy such as deer and oysters etc. I think Miyajima is the place you have to visit once in your life!

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