This article is about a general store called ‘Tokyu Hands’. For foreign visitors, this is a perfect place for purchasing souvenirs. We’ll introduce you to funny and unusual goods from the shop.

Buyiing souvenirs at Tokyu Hands (For funny souvenirs)

Do you think you are the person who seeks to buy something funny and unusual for your souvenirs? Are you finding hard to search the right souvenirs for yourself which has to be very Japanese but not typical ones?

Then, I know the perfect place for you! It’s a fancy goods heaven “TOKYU HANDS”. The products they sell have enormous varieties from interior decorations, fancy goods, stationaries and a lot more. But the great things about Tokyu Hands is they also have some unusual selections!

Now, I’d like to introduce Tokyu Hands in three categories as “The standard Japanese souvenirs” “Kawaii fancy goods” and “Mind blowing souvenirs”. Let’s start with “Mind blowing souvenirs”.

Where can I find Tokyu Hands?

The stores locate in central Tokyo such as Shinjyuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro. It’s just 5 to 10 minutes walk from the station.

Today, we are taking you to the store in Shinjyuku which you can find next to Takashimaya department store.

  1. The nearest exit of Shinjyuku station is “Shin Minamiguchi “ (New South Exit) . To get there, just go through Takashimaya department store to the end.

  2. Next option is getting out from the South Exit and walk across the zebra and head towards to Southern terrace and walk over the bridge on the rail line.

There is a big bridge going over the rail path, so just walk across here…

Let’ go to Tokyu Hands!

The 3D puzzle “nanoblock”

“nanoblook” became popular about a few years ago. It looks like a simple toy for children but actually quite complicated and challenging, which made a lot of adults attracted.

How about Tokyo Tower nanoblook for your souvenir?

Many range of incredible preserved food products. Unique to a trembling country?

As you know, Japan is a highly seismic country because of that we invented many kinds of preserved food. Here is one of the innovative “rescue food box”. This is the food you can eat hot without using any electricity or fire. It’s a magical food.

This one is Gyudon. Gyudon is our popular local food, a bowl of rice with sweet sautéed beef on top.

When you open the box, what you have to do is just set the exothermic agent with the food in the box and wait for 10 minutes. The exothermic agent will stay warm about 20 minutes, so you can have hot rice.

At the end, you need to add sautéed beef on top of the rice. Can you believe that it’s so simple?

They sell other several kinds of preserved foods as well!

You can keep them for about 3 years in the room temperature so, might be a good idea to get one even your country doesn’t suffer from earth quakes.

Perfect kit for those who want to be a cartoonist.

Do you have any friend who wants to be a cartoonist? Then this is a great gift. This kit includes drawing papers, pen, color marker and text books!

For those who are more professional, then there are a lot more! For example, when you use these rulers…

You can draw these balloons really easily.LOL

FACEPAK series ~the popular souvenir among tourist~

Facepack are quite a boom these days. It’s because of the uniqueness of its design.

You can find in a panda or tiger pattern…

There are Kabuki make up design as well and it contains one for man and one for woman.

It’s becoming quite popular to put a picture with this mask on Instagram these days.

?? #kabukimask

越中 睦士 makoto koshinakaさん(@makotokoshinaka)が投稿した写真 - 2015 11月 9 9:21午後 PST

You can find a picture of some couples wearing the mask♪

イタリアで歌舞伎パックする予定が疲れて出来ず昨晩ようやくできました。 わたしいつも女子プロになっちゃうのはナゼ(°_°) #パック #フェイスパック #歌舞伎 #歌舞伎フェイスパック #KABUKI #JAPAN #一心堂本舗 #madeinjapan #隈取

misaさん(@theyoppys101)が投稿した写真 - 2015 10月 3 4:46午後 PDT

I really recommend to try these Kabuki pack and put your picture on Instagram!

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed “Mind blowing souvenirs”. Coming up the next is

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