This blog is about a trip where we went camping by the lakeside of Kawaguchi-ko, which is one of the five big lakes by the Fuji Mountain. We also talk about exploring a cave called the Komori Dokutsu (Bat Cave) near Saiko lake.

Camping at Sai-ko Lake (One of The Five Lakes in Mt. Fuji Area)

We camped at Sai-ko Lake; one of the five lakes around Mt. Fuji (Fuji Godai-ko)! Saii-ko is not the biggest lake of the five, but it is a quiet and beautiful lake with rich natural majesty. You can also go to a big park as well as a cave to explore the lake area!

Explore The Bats' Cave!

There are many lava caves around Mt. Fuji. One of them is called The Bats' Cave beause bats hibernate here during the winter.

Scared of the bats in the cave? C'mon, embrace your fears and remember they are harmless!!

An admission ticket costs 300 yen per adult. Cheap...isn't it? As we embark on a venture through the forest, let the exploring begin!

Walking through the forest, these are the steps you’ll have to enure. Getting chilly...

The temperature inside the cave is brisk throughout the year, so dress appropriately!

Please note- There are steps and slippery roads ahead, so please do not show up wearing heels! Sneakers are fine, but hiking boots are perfect for your adventure!

Some parts of the ceiling are quite be careful! Your lower back may get tired...

Some places have moss, some don't...

The Bats' Cave was bigger than I thought it would be! By the time I left the cave, my legs were tired.

If you are interested, check the museum of bats as well!

Camping at Sai-ko Lake...Why Not Stay @ Cottage in PICA

Sai-ko Lake has a camping site. No tent? No worries! They offer you a cottage too! Cost depends on the season, but it is about 20,000-40,000 yen for 6 persons!

We stayed in a camper-style cottage. It looks like a trailer and comes with porch for BBQs...nice and comfortable!

It looks just like an ordinary house! The camper is equipped sheets and a comforter, so you can just show up and easily enjoy camping!

They rent out essential camping supplies at the reception area as well!

Having a night BBQ!

It was very cold outside even though it wasn't winter yet...but we all had fun and drank up the bottle of wine!

Have you ever considered camping with the view of Mt. Fuji? Well you should consider it! I'd love to come back sometime in summer to enjoy the warmer weather!

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