In this article, you’ll read about ‘Tokyu Hands’, where you can purchase various micellaneous goods. For foreign visitors, Japanese general goods are perfect for souvenirs. We’ll show you some delicate and cute souvenirs that may symbolize Japan’s ‘Kawaii’ culture.

Buying souvenirs at Tokyu Hands (Kawaii Souvenirs)

Souvenir shopping in Tokyu Hands ('Kawaii' goods)

Where we want to recommend is Tokyu Hands. They have everything from interior goods, kitchen tools, stationery, etc. and there are many goods that girls would love.

We will introduce Tokyu Hands in three articles: "Basic Japanese Souvenirs", "Surprising and Unique Souvenirs" and "Kawaii Goods".

Smartphone stickers are to die for

You might have nice smartphone covers, but do you have stickers? You can stick these on both directly on the smartphone or on the cover.

Like this!

Find your favorite from many variations!

Make your work desk cuter!

If you use a computer at work, don't you think that is kind of dusty and boring? We recommend popular PC goods at Tokyu Hands for people like you.

This isn't just a figurine, but they are static electricity brushes that remove dust from keyboards. Bears, chicks, cats...they're all cute!

This is a bird shaped one, that's not a brush. It's more like a spatula that you can remove dust and dirtiness from your computer screen.

Easy and cute! Creative kitchen tools

Have you ever made Japanese rice balls?

The rice sticks to your hand and is a little tiring making them even for us Japanese.

If you use this, you only have to put rice on top and stick them together. Then cut and place the nori seaweeds. Tada! Panda rice balls.

You can't tell what this is by its simple shape, but it's a knife sharpener. Usually you use a sharpening stone and it takes skills to sharpen them, but with this you just have to slide the knife between the slit.

Student stationery and office goods can be much cuter!

Tokyu Hands has many stationery and office goods.

If you're tired of the same old stationery, you should buy souvenirs at this section on the top floor.

Penguin shaped paper clips.

Cats too!

Animal shaped flash cards for students!

You can leave a memo with these cute little birds.

If you're tired of getting your earphones tied in a knot, use this sheep.

There are countless cards and letter paper variations.

My favorite is this mini envelope and letter paper. It's great for a quick thank you note or for small presents.

Lots of stamps too. You can never buy enough stationery!

These were the Kawaii goods you can buy at Tokyu Hands.

But this was just a small part of it, and there are more cute and convenient goods. You'll never get tired of shopping here.

If you want to know how to get to Tokyu Hands, read the "Buyiing souvenirs at Tokyu Hands (For unique souvenirs)" article!

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