We’re introducing a drugstore beauty product, ‘Baby Foot’ that gets rid of dead, dry and cracked skin on your feet. You’ll be amazed with how your tough skin easily peels off!

Product Review: Baby Foot-Making Your Feet Soft And Smooth...Ever!

Have you ever experienced dead skin bothering your feet? Dead skin gets tough and hard to scrub off…

If you have that problem, try Baby Foot! This incredible product peels off your dead skin and makes your feet very soft and smooth like a baby’s foot!

This item has been loved by girls with dead skin problems since its launching, with many sharing how it works on SNS with their pictures.

Now it’s time for me to try it!

Girls Suffering With The Dead Skin So Long!

Girls love fashion, but it is painful sometimes...right? Wearing heels makes your feet not only hurt but it creates dead skin. In my case, I have dead skin here! The skin gets hard and forms a callus... Ouch!

Get Baby Foot At The Drugstore!

It costs about 1000 yen in drugstores. Not bad, right?

Below is a picture of the box’s contents. The Baby Foot itself along with taping and a skin patch for testing before you use this product. You may or may not have an allergy to it, so test your reaction before use.

This silver pouch contains a bag filled with liquid. When you spread it, you’ll notice it looks like a big pair of socks.

It has a cutoff line, so carefully cut with scissors.

Just put your washed-and-dried feet in!
The texture is a bit slimy and cold...

To tighten the product on your feet, use the fitting stickers!

Ta-da! That's it. It takes about 5 minutes!

Leave them on for 60-90 minutes. You may not be able to walk around very much while wearing the product, so enjoy some movies, books, or music while soaking.

3 Days After...Dead Skin Starts Coming Off

My feet started itching and feeling restless 3 days after soaking.

Oh my! My dead skin started peeling off! I shouldn't touch it or peel it...but hey, it's hard not to touch!

A Week After... It's Incredible!

I’ve tried not to touch it much and left my feet for a week now.
OH MY GOD! Dead skin was mostly peeling off without any pain!!

The tough areas are getting there… I can't wait to say good bye!

Look what I got! Well, it doesn't look good, but you must feel refreshed!

It takes about 2 weeks to get rid of all the dead skin. Don't rush, just trim the skin which is already peeled.

Sounds like a long process, but you can compare how different your feet feel before and after. I’m pretty sure you will be satisfied with Baby Foot!

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