This is the second half of a trip blog to Izu, a tourist resort in Shizuoka Prefecture. It covers a wide range of information on must-see spots like Joren Waterfall and Izu Skyline as well as a gourmet food around the area.

A car trip around Izu, Shizuoka (Second Half)

A car trip around Izu, Shizuoka (First Half)

Our second destination is “Joren no Taki”!

The next stop is “Joren no Taki” a waterfall. It’s about 30 minutes drive to the south from Shuzenji.

Joren no Taki is really famous as it was in the lyrics of the popular Japanese song call “Amagi goe”.

(The lyrics are quite sad as it’s about the story of the woman who is in love with a married man and trying to hate him but she couldn’t…..)

Driving up the mountain road then suddenly the road get busy.

We got off the car at the entrance of “Joren no Taki” then were welcomed by the statue of hero and heroin from the story of “Izu no Odoriko”. The author Yasunari Kawabata was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

The story was about the lonely boy who travelled Izu met a dancer and fell in love. It’s a quite an emotional and sad story.

To get to Joren no Taki is quite a walk as you have to climb up the stairs. I think you might get in trouble if you are wearing high heels and a bit tough for the elderly.

On the back is Joren no Taki and the front is the monument of “Amagigoe”. On the monument even the music score was written. As you are Japanese, I felt Joren no Taki always reminds the song “Amagigoe”.

Wasabi shops around “Joren no Taki”

Some people were enjoying fishing near waterfalls. There were fishing tools rental shops nearby and the restaurants where they serve the fish you bring in.

Izu is famous for Wasabi farming so you can find Wasabi souvenirs everywhere. The clan water supplies a good Wasabi so you can buy a fresh Wasabi and many kinds of Wasabi food products.

After we left there, we stop at Michino eki, it was only 10 minutes drive. Michinoeki literally means the station of the road and they usually have some restaurants and souvenir shops in it.

This Michinoeki’s name is same as the song “Amagigoe”.

The local specials are “Wasabi soft ice cream” “Wasabi Korokke” and “Wasabi Carbonara”. You’ll never find them elsewhere, so please try them if you are brave enough!!

Stay in a small guesthouse with gorgeous seafood dinner!!

We’ve stayed at a small guesthouse where you can see Suruga wan(Suruga bay). The guest rooms are only three rooms!

The dinner was full of gorgeous sea food, I barely saw a meat.

There were so many dishes including Awabi (abalone) and a different kind of shrimps. As a seafood lover, we’re delighted and enjoyed a lot.

Unfortunately the owner of the guesthouse doesn’t speak English at all and a bit different form a big chin hotel’s service but it’s really homey and based in local. It is owned by a couple who loves people to welcome there!

When you try to search for a guesthouse, it’s a really good idea to prioritize what suit you the best as they all have a different character such as “serves a delicious food” “ Great view” “Pets are welcome”.

On our way back to Tokyo, we stopped at “Marine Town Ito”

We drove along the east coast on our way back. The great thing about Izu is you can enjoy both mountain route and coast line route! We stopped at “Ippekiko” (Ippeki Lake) on the way to the coast line. The fresh verdure and the blue color of the lake was beautiful.

The reason why we choose this East Coast Line route was we wanted to find a delicious food at Michinoeki “Marine Town Ito”. This is the town they produce a lot of fish products, so we were quite excited!

“Marine Town Ito” is a really cute town! The building stands just in front of the bay so they have a great view of ocean.

“The ice cream that you’ll be happy when you eat looking at the ocean.”

We found a crowd in front of the soft ice cream shop.

The sign says “The ice cream that you’ll be happy when you eat looking at the ocean.” Hah, you know girls love this kind of stuff and of course I have to try it!! There were many couples and families.

This soft ice cream was so unique as you have to choose some fresh fruits and toppings, then pick the base flavor from vanilla or yogurt and mix them all. You can criate totally your original flavor!

It was so yum and I was happy!

The green one is Maccha flavor (It’s not Wasabi) as Shizuoka is famous for tea farming and the white one is a yogurt flavor with pineapples and honey with it.

was looking at the ocean when I was having this ice cream.

On the way back, we drove through “Izu sky line” a lot of superb view spots on the way!

On our way back, we drove through “Izu sky line” which runs through Shizuoka. If you take this road you are not able to stop by Hakone or other cities but it’s so convenient for us for whom heading to Tokyo. It’s an ideal way to avoid heavy traffic.

The road was going up and down, so the view changes a lot. We’ve enjoyed the best view of the trip here! There are a lot of view point where you can stop your car.

The great thing about Izu is even you are visiting there during a holiday seasons, Izu peninsula itself is quite huge so it won’t get too crowded like Hakone or other resort area. It’s less stressed and relaxing.

About 3 hours drive from Tokyo is not so bad for an overnight trip to just get away from your busy city life.

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