To battle against molds in a bathroom, it is popular to use a new bio cleaning product. I this article, we’ll show you how to use the product and how effective it is against molds.

The Bio Clean Up series is just amazing!

The “Bio Clean Up” is a cleaning tool that has recently become a major hit among housewives in Japan. I myself have actually started using this with my mother-in-law’s strong recommendation.

Why is it that this Bio Clean Up series has become so popular?

“Bio Clean Bathroom Mold”

This is how it became when we thought about both the environment, and how easily we want to maintain the cleanness

What is the “Bio Clean Up series”?

This series is a cleaning tool using biotechnology, and you can get rid of mold and odor by the work of microorganisms. Whoa. You’ve never seen anything like this before, right?

When you think about getting rid of mold, generally we would use chemicals, but we have to worry about the effects on our skin and the environment.

This series is using microorganisms, so it’s good to the environment and your sensitive skin as well.

Bio Clean Up is not mold-cleaning, it’s mold prevention!

What is the most amazing thing about this is that it’s not used to clean the mold, but to prevent the mold in the first place. This is how to use: just place this product in the bathroom that has just been cleaned. That’s all you have to do and after about a week, the dirt, mold and the odor will not come out like it used to.

After a few months of use, you will know for sure why we recommend this.

Let’s use the Bio Clean Up!

We bought the actual Bio Clean Up. They are about 800 yen at drug stores.

It is vacuum-packed inside the box. The microorganisms are supposedly asleep under this condition.

The right time to place a new one is after 6 months. Write down the month half a year from now on the sticker and stick that onto the product.

After you clean your bathroon, take off the double-sided tape on the back and stick it up on the bathroom ceiling! That’s all you have to do.

The microorganisms will wake up in about two weeks, and they will do their job for half a year.

During the first two weeks, it’s better to have the bathroon door shut most of the time.

It takes time to actually see how it works, but after a few weeks, you will definitely think, “Has the mold stopped growing? Maybe the odor’s gone?”

Other products of the Bio Clean Up series

This is the second popular “Bio Clean Room Space.”

If you smell something odd in your room, or if you want to protect your baby from bacteria, this product is the right thing to use. You will know just by placing this in your room.

This is “Bio Clean Air-conditioning Mold.”

The air-conditioner sometimes smell even if you are cleaning it at a regular basis. You wouldn’t want to breath in the air that passed through the mold...scary.

But if you put this on the air-conditioner, you can get rid of the smell easily.

For strong mold and odor from your shoe cabinet!

You can also deodorize the inside of your car too. I personally don’t feel well when I smell the odor from the car during the winter, so I definitely need this.

Other than these, there’s also Bio Clean Ups for under the sink, inside the closet, toilet and everywhere you would want to care about.

Many Japanese housewives are thrilled with it, and it has been ranking very high in Amazon and Rakuten. Make sure to check it out at your nearest drug store!

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