This is the second half of a travel blog, which is about a 3 days/2 nights tour around ‘Hirugami Onsenkyo’ in Nagano Prefecture with full of wilderness. The blogger went to see the local flower, Hanamomo, which is a kind of peach tree and produces blossoms in May.

An overnight trip to Hanamomo no Sato! Cannot take my eyes off of the beautiful Hanamomo! (Second Half)

So today, we will continue on with the trip on the last article: “An overnight trip to the little-known places in Nagano! The most beautiful starry skies in Japan in Achimura! (First Half)

The breakfast at Yumoto Hotel Achikawa is also luxurious

We were full with a delicious dinner last night, but they have great breakfasts too.

Salad, dishes that goes great with rice, fruits, etc.

They also have tofu and steamed vegetables.

Now to Hanamomo no Sato!

It is about ten to fifteen minute drive to Hanamomo no Sato from the hotels.

There are many areas where you can see the Hanamomo, but the biggest place is the Tsukikawa area called the Hanamomo no Sato. As you get near the place, it gets crowded with cars.

We’re here before you know it. Park your car at the parking lot and walk along the river.

The parking fee is about 500 yen. The person in charge will guide you.

This is the astonishing view of Hanamomo. The contrast between it and the green mountain colors is amazing.

The fascination of Hanamomo, different from cherry blossoms

The biggest difference from cherry blossoms is that the flowers have three different colors in them: dark pink, light pink and white.

Dark pink Hanamomo.

White Hanamomo.

There were a few rare trees that had pink and white flowers in one tree.

The thin flower petals of cherry blossoms are beautiful, but Hanamomo are puffy with layered petals, which is also very gorgeous.

After a walk, let’s go near the river

You can go down near the river.

It’s a bit cold in May, but you might want to put your feet into the water, it’s refreshing.

If you’re hungry, there is a small souvenir house in the parking lot.

The steamed bun with sweet potatoes looked very good.

We were there for two whole hours, taking picures and playing in the river.

After all that fun, it’s time to go back into the car and get ready to go home.

How time flies when you’re having fun!

Western food with lots of vegetables in a popular restaurant in Iida

We are going back the same route, so we drove to Okaya station.

But since we were passing Iida, we decided to stop by at a popular restaurant.


In this natural restaurant, you can eat fresh Nagano vegetables, as the name itself.

The recommended menu is the salad buffet. You can eat as much as you want.

Eating the fresh vegetables that were grown with Nagano’s clean water!

They have three types of dressings. They are very creamy dressings with carrots, tomatoes and apples all mixed up in a mixer. So even if you pour onto your salad a bit too much, it won’t be salty or too sour.

You can even boil mushrooms and vegetables there too.
It brings out the sweetness in the vegetables and they are so tasty.

While we were filling our stomachs with salad, they brought us potato cream soup. It was very comforting and delicious.

It got a little blurry... Here is the bouillabaisse! So good!They had moule, cod and clams, and it was very rich in taste.

Such a wonderful meal… You can select meat dished with this too.

After the meal, of course, is dessert. Strawberry cheesecake and citrus jelly. It wasn’t too sweet and we ate as if the meal we just had was nothing.

All of this for only 2200 yen! It was a very valuable course meal.We were on our way home fully satisfied with Nagano’s proud vegetables.

After that we drove for about an hour to Okaya station.

We got on the JR Tokkyu Azusa, and went back to Tokyo. There were so many places to see and fun to take pictures!

Extra tips! For those of you who do not want to rent a car: Getting to Hanamomo no Sato by train and bus

Of course there are some who do not want to use a car in a foreign country.

Here is how to get to Hirugami Hotspring Village and Hanamomo no Sato by train and bus!

First, you get on the JR Tokkyu Azusa from Shinjuku to Kayano station. It takes about two hours. Then from Kayano station, there is a 90 minute bus that takes you straight to Hirugami Hotspring Village! Because of the popularity of the Hanamomo, the bus has recently started its service.

You can make a reservation for the bus when you reserve a hotel at Hirugami Hotspring Village.

You can get to Hanamomo no Sato from Hirugami Hotspring Village by taxi or bus, so no worries. Please try and go there by train and bus:)

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