Inexpensive cosmetics from Japanese drugstores are popular souvenirs for women. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the popular eye care products to treat tired eyes, dark circles and dull tone.

Product Review: Special Treatment For Your Eyes!

Smartphones, TVs, and computers...great to have, but these newer technologies give us shadows under eyes...Ugh!

I had a problem with shadows under my eyes as well, and they make my face look tired or even sick! To get rid of them, I tried some items from drugstores... You will love them just like I do!

Making Your Eyes Relaxed!

The cause of shadows could be eyestrain and that impedes blood circulation.

This eyemask, "Megurizumu Steamed Eyemask" helps the blood circulation around your eyes. Pull this out of the pouch and put it on just like a regular eyemask, and it warms itself in about 10 minutes. Say goodbye to hot towels!

There are some aromas you can choose from; Yuzu citrus, camomile, lavender, etc.

I recommend using it before bed.

Shadows Are Tougher Than You Thought?

This pretty packaged item is called "Kuma Non Sheet." This is an infrared eye sheet which you can leave under your eyes while you are in bed. Wash your face before bed and put them on..easy, isn't it? You can use it repeatedly until its adhesiveness gets weak. 6 sheets in a box sounds good at a cost of 500 yen!

Hot And New! Eyedrop Helps!

This eyedrop "Hitomi Stretch" loosens up the muscles around the eyes. It’s good with or without contact lenses.

These eyedrops are free from artificial preservatives and one box contains 5 bottles.

I had a bad case of eyestrain that made my eyes hurt quite badly. I wasn't sure if it was working… until I realized I became free of eyestrain after a week of use!

Another Cause Of Shadow Could Be Dryness...

Do you feel your eye zone is dry? That could be another reason to have shadows!

Curel Eye Zone Essence

Curel is famous for cosmetics directed towards sensitive skin, but their eye zone essence is great as well!

Cosme Decorte Vital-Science Premium Eye Cream

Beauty isn't cheap sometimes...but it’s worth the money! This moisture-rich cream makes your eye zone very soft and smooth! It’s not just me, but many girls enjoy its rich and luxurious texture too!

This Is A Beauty Hack! Eyemask And Eye Cream Combo Makes Your Eyes Even More Gorgeous!

Put your eye cream on, then cover your eye area with the eyemask shown above and leave it on for 10 minutes.

The eyemask not only loosens up and helps blood circulation around your eye area muscle but opens up the pores! Opened pores absorb eye cream ingredients really good! Now you will see your shiny and healthy eyes in the mirror!

If you have problems with shadows under your eyes, this is definitely worth trying!

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